Iraqi Popular Mobilization militia head to Aleppo – Syrian Crisis

Iraqi Popular Mobilization militia head to Aleppo - Syrian Crisis

The Iran-backed Iraqi militia, the Popular Mobilization Forces, headed on Friday from Iraq to Aleppo to prop up Assad terrorists in their war against the Syrian people, Orient Net reported from special sources.

Hundreds of the terrorist organization (PMF) and of other fighting Iraqi groups headed to the airports of Baghdad and al-Najaf to be taken on board of the Iraqi Airlines and the Assad “Syrian” (Assad) Airlines to Aleppo to participate in the battles against the Syrian opposition fighters, the sources added.

“At least two flights from Baghdad to Damascus are organized every day. GMF’s members are recognized by the sports uniform they wear. You can also recognized them by beards. Some of those passengers do not have passports. They leave Baghdad depending on the GMF’s permissions which address the management of Baghdad Airport,” a clerk in Baghdad said conditioning anonymity.

The PMF have been widely controversial in Iraq since their inception in June 2014. Public opinion has focused on the legitimacy of these irregular forces, their activities and the possible illegal killings committed by them against civilians in the ISIS-controlled Iraqi cities.