The US Tried to Assassinate Erdoğan!

By: Ibrahim Karagül*

July 15 will be remembered in our history as the heaviest betrayal and the ugliest sell out. But this part of our history will also be synonymous with an extraordinary resistance, struggle and confrontation.

For traitors, it will be the history of disgrace and for patriots; it is going to be the history of victory.

It is going to be destruction for the world’s biggest terrorist network leader, Fethullah Gülen, and his terrorists.

This history will take on the name of a brand new War of Independence. The way our people organized for the War of Independence in one night is going to be studied in schools in the future.

Yes, the date July 15 is the name of a new War of Independence. It is the declaration of the founding date of the new Turkey. It is such a struggle that, regardless of the cost, it will achieve victory.

It will never end until this country is free.

The relentless resistance will continue nonstop in every corner of our country from our streets to neighborhoods to our cities.

This last War of Independence includes every member of our people; every individual will take their place in the Great Turkey struggle and fight shoulder to shoulder.

Our people who resisted against tanks and bullets, us, all of us, we are going to turn every inch of land in this country into an area of struggle.

Attack with PKK, Daesh and Gülen’s terrorists

We are under a huge attack.

What we experienced is an open attack against Turkey, a declaration of war.

The elements of the world’s biggest terrorist organization in the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) were activated and our country was forced to surrender by the hands of these elements.

Those who work with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Daesh, have now started to hit Turkey with Gülen’s armed organization.

All three organizations are controlled by the same forces and circles. They have attempted to burn Turkey to ashes and push it outside history through those organizations.

In no way is this a coup attempt in the strict sense. This is a multinational intervention aimed at bringing this country to its knees; however, Turkey called its first challenge after a century.

They planned the coup

I’ll say it loud and clear:

The U.S. administration planned a coup in Turkey through the Gülen terror organization and tried to cause a civil war, make our people kill each other.

The U.S. is the one who planned and applied this coup attempt. Those generals, those traitors got all the instructions from Gülen and he conveyed the orders of those who planned the intervention.

The U.S. administration which protects a terrorist organization should be declared as a country that supports terrorism. This country, which is still carrying out operations on Turkey through Gülen, directed its final attack especially on our country and rained bullets on our civilian people through Gülen’s terrorists.

The U.S. tried to kill Erdoğan

I am saying it loud and clear:

The U.S. administration directly planned to kill the president of the Republic of Turkey and implemented this plan. The operation aimed at martyring President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Marmaris was activated through Gülen’s terrorists, the assassination team.

I repeat: The attack aimed at martyring Erdoğan was planned by the U.S., in the U.S., directly through Gülen’s terrorists and the instructions were given by them.

The Grand National Assembly of Turkey was bombed by a schizophrenic under U.S. protection. Bombing the people’s Parliament is declaring war against the people. This attack, like no other in history, was made by the terrorists of a man protected by the U.S.

Those who bombed our Parliament, those who shot at our people

Similarly, those who shot people in the streets and attacked the people’s voice, the Parliament, were given these instructions by the U.S. administration, which planned this coup.

Hence, the U.S. administration is directly responsible for the attack. The U.S. administration is directly responsible for the coup attempt. I am openly declaring it: The U.S. administration bombed our people’s symbol of sovereignty, the Parliament, through the terrorist organization it used.

Our country, our people are going to re-tell this evil from generation to generation and it will never be wiped out of their memories.

All 3 interventions by the same center

A new war strategy has been activated against Turkey, the only remaining strong fort, the most powerful country of our region, by targeting Erdoğan’s person and our country’s symbols of sovereignty, by directly targeting our people.

The Dec. 17 and Dec. 25 coup attempts were also planned and managed by the same center.

The invasion attempt aimed at our southeastern cities were also planned and managed by the same center.

The North Syria Corridor, aimed at closing in on Turkey through the PKK-Democratic Union Party (PYD), was also planned and is being implemented by the same power.

Daesh’s attacks aimed at Turkey are also being managed by the same center. Provoking the Turkey-Daesh war to open room for the PYD and blinding our eyes is also the plan of the same circles.

But the worst among all these plans, the vilest, is the coup attempt, the attack that was launched on July 15.

The terrorists, the traitors within the TSK were activated and war was waged on the people with the people’s weapons. This plan is the plan of the U.S. and Israel’s extreme right and it was implemented through Gülen and his terrorists.

How arrogant their broadcasts are

Look at Western media; they are making arrogant publications saying, “How could it fail, how could Erdoğan not be killed, how could Turkey ruin this plan?” They are carrying out a war against democracy in Turkey even through the media.

If they succeeded, there were going to be cries of joy in the U.S. and Europe. Because today, they are fighting with us like they fought in World War I. But once more their ships sank in the waters of the Dardanelles. They will always sink. They are never going to be able to intervene in the fate of this nation. They are not going to be able to stop this country’s walk or change the course of history.

They had execution lists in their hands…

Us, our people, we are all aware of the kind of resistance we are carrying out. With sunburned faces, callous hands, prayers, our neighborhoods, streets, villages, towns and cities, we are aware of the kind of historic settlement of accounts we are going through.

Now thousands of traitors are gathering. The traitors within the TSK, CIA extensions, Mossad extensions, those who sold out their country and people are being deciphered one by one and being taken. They will get what they deserve.

Had they succeeded, they were going to establish concentration camps. They were going to set up gallows. They had in their hands lists of thousands of people to be taken. They had execution lists in their hands. They had lists determined by the U.S.-Israel intelligence. They were going to turn the streets into a bloodbath, set up the people to kill each other, cause an Alevi-Sunni conflict, re-provoke the Turk-Kurd conflict and open the “Turkey front.”

The biggest betrayal of the millennial history

Gülen and his terrorist organization have signed their name under the greatest betrayal of our millennial history. It has become the flagrant implementer of the plan that would end the millennial history.

If you notice, entries to Istanbul were prohibited and they wanted to cut off Istanbul from Anatolia. What kind of invasion, what kind of plan to divide the people is this?

Make note of this. Other details of this plan will follow.

Protecting President Erdoğan and Turkey

President Erdoğan is the target of multinational attacks. The leader, family, circle, cadre, history-maker political mind of Turkey’s great walk is under direct global attack and threat. Our sole support is our people and country, our historical awareness. Hence, the showdown will happen in the most ruthless way.

We are never going to abandon these leaders or this great walk. We are never going to leave them alone; on the contrary, we are going to stick closer. We are going to expand the front line shoulder to shoulder and carry out the final defense of the millennial struggle.

There is no giving up, no worrying, and no hesitancy.

*Ibrahim Karagül is a Turkish writer and journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper.

(Published in Yeni Şafak on Tuesday 19, 2016)