Hezbollah obliges Syrians in Madaya to evacuate their houses

Hezbollah oblige Syrians in Madaya to evacuate their houses

Hezbollah militants obliged Syrians in al-Akaba, near the besieged city of Madaya in Damascus western countryside, on Friday to immediately evacuate their houses and hand the keys to the Lebanese militants, activists from Madaya said.

Sixteen families between the Arch of Madaya Checkpoint and Jala al-Tahan Checkpoint were ordered to immediately leave their houses without even giving respite to take their belongings.

Omar al-Muhammad, an activist from Madaya, said that these movements planned to outnumber and dominate the native owners of the city.

People of Madaya are also obliged through mediators to sign a petition in which they pledge not to come back to Madaya.

“Hezbollah has suffered heavy losses in Syria, with some sources estimating that at least 3000 terrorists have died since the terrorist group started its involvement in Assad regime’s war on Syrians.  The group is weakened and some in Lebanon are wondering what Hezbollah’s exit strategy is.

Hezbollah’s military intervention in Syria caused a divide in Lebanon. The leader of Hezbollah said his fighters would expand their presence in Syria. His statements came after thousands of people in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, attended the funeral of top Hezbollah commander Mustafa Badreddine, who was killed in Syria last month.