20 Syrians Treated in Jordan after ‘Russian’ AirStrikes

Jets believed to be Russian struck a refugee camp along Jordan’s northeastern border with Syria on Tuesday, killing at least 10 people and injuring scores, Reuters reported.

At least 20 Syrians, who were wounded in airstrikes by jets believed to be Russian a few kilometres from Jordan’s northeastern border, were being treated in Jordanian hospitals, an official said on Wednesday.

Official said, who requested anonymity, declined to confirm how the Syrians were wounded and said “we do not comment on incidents inside Syria”, according to the Jordan Times.

Mohammed Momani, the government’s spokesperson, said Jordan admits wounded people based on field assessments and “out of our humanitarian role that we have always adopted”.

Momani told The Jordan Times that although the injured were allowed in, the borders remain a closed military zone, and the border’s security remains a top priority.

News reports identified Hadalat Refugee Camp as the target of the bombing, but Syrian opposition members said that the air strikes targeted a camp hosting the family members of the Lions of the East rebel group, 25km from Rweished.