Campain: Support IDPs from eastern Homs and help building a camp

Local Community Council Trying to help 1.000 homeless families in Syria after IS attacks

As IS organisation continues spreading its evil tentacles, and as the air strikes against IS continue, the civilian suffering gets worse. The destruction of the infrastructure, the increase in civillians deaths and increase in internal displacement from the unknown to the unknown, are the results.

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In first of November 2015 the towns of (Mhein, Hwarein, Alhadath, AlGhanthar) located in Eastern Homs Countryside were attacked by IS troops located in nearby AlQaryatin town. Mhein was a gathering place for the people, there were 2800 IDP families from AlQaryatin who were located in it. After that the Russian started bombing to the area which caused mass evacuation for local residents

The Russian airstrikes targeted the new areas that the families fled to which caused tens of casualties (dead and wounded), so the families moved again to the liberated areas -opposition controlled areas-  (Idleb countryside, western Aleppo countryside) going through almost 1000KM, despite the difficulties and the lack of transportation vehicles and IS barriers, almost 800 families made it to  the Opposition controlled areas of (AlDana, Sarmada, Toqad, Kafarnaha, Deir Hassan, Harim, Silqeen, Tal Adi), another 1000 are still in IS controlled areas trying to relocate to these areas.


The lack of tenancy houses in these areas (that the families relocate to ) – because of the crises of Aleppo southern countryside IDPs – and bad weather conditions in winter create emergency urge to host IDP families in a camp.

A local community organization started a campaign to raise money for building a camp near Idlib. work already started in 22/11/2015. To know the whole story and take part in donation you can visit this site.

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