Israeli Forces Violently Suppress Clashes in Hebron

Violent clashes burst out with the Israeli troops across Sa’ir town in West Bank, culminating in a tough security cordon that was imposed around the territory. Israeli snipers also climbed over rooftops of Palestinian civilian homes, triggering panic among women and children.

A number of Palestinian citizens were left injured early Sunday morning after the Israeli forces rolled into Hebron northeastern town of Sa’ir and imposed a security cordon.

The Israeli forces reportedly prevented ambulances from evacuating the injured Palestinian protesters to hospitals. Dozens of Israeli soldiers raked through residential neighborhoods and rummaged into civilian homes before they seized surveillance cameras.

The Israeli forces rolled into the area in 20 army jeeps late on Saturday night under the pretext of searching for gunmen who opened fire at a settler’s car near Tekou’a town, to the north of Hebron.

Earlier on Saturday, Israeli Forces closed main and bypass roads in Doura and Yatta towns in Hebron.

The coordinator of the national committee against settlement in Yatta, Ratib al-Jabour, said that Israeli forces closed, by stones and sand berms, all of the entrances to the town.

The Israeli forces soldiers stopped and searched Palestinian vehicles at military barriers while verifying Palestinians’ IDs, Jabour highlighted. Israeli soldiers fired gas and stun grenades at Palestinians at one of the checkpoints leading to suffocation among some of them. The Israeli forces also closed the main gate leading to Doura town from the side of al-Fuwar refugee camp and blo

The Israeli forces further declared Sa’ir and Tekou’a closed military zones under the pretext of searching for the shooters. The Israeli forces reportedly tightened the noose around Palestinians’ necks on the main entrance to Ras al-Joura area, in Hebron, and sealed off the access roads to Etzion, Beit Fajjar, and al-Nabi Youssef. Eyewitnesses said over 70 Israeli army jeeps stormed Sa’ir from all corners following the shooting. Dozens of Palestinian civilians choked on teargas canisters that were randomly discharged by the Israeli forces all the way through the clashes.

The Israeli forces closed the main passageway to Sa’ir, al-Shyoukh, and the Wadi al-Sahrq areas. Over 50,000 Palestinians living on Road 60 have been subjected to a tight military blockade in the process. Earlier on Saturday afternoon, the Israeli forces imposed a security cordon on Hebron’s towns of Yatta and al-Samou’, blocking Palestinians’ movement in and out.