Analysis: Will Syria peace talks be resumed again?

Analysis: Will Syria peace talks be resumed again?

Dr. Riyad Naasan Agha writes in his latest article in Al-Ittihad that he expects a revival of the process of the political solution and Syria peace talks following the Eid holiday, explaining that it has been long overdue.

The writer then expresses his shock towards the international disregard to a proposal by the High Negotiations Committee to negotiate a truce in the month of Ramadan and in the days of Eid, which due to its nonexistence, an escalation of attacks on civilians took place, he explains.

“The resolutions set during the pre-negotiation phase are still disabled,” the writer argues, explaining that no detainees have been released, no sieges have been lifted, however, the number of besieged areas increased. In addition, the Assad regime, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah have all ignored the truce signed between Russia and the US and used the pretext of combating terrorism to justify their daily bombardment on civilians, the writer adds.

However, the writer then explains that the region is undergoing a new transformation in the map of political relations, especially after Turkey announced a review of its foreign policy particularly with Russia, Israel and possibly soon with Egypt. Syria peace talks

The political landscape could be revived if Turkey managed to reduce the tension in the region in general, and if it is able to tame Russia’s wildness, the writer argues. Syria peace talks

The writer concludes by stating: “If only Russia realizes that its intervention against the Syrian people will only bring more crimes against humanity, that the elimination of terrorism begins with an end to its causes and that there is no solution to terrorism without providing stability to the Syrians via a fair rule which preserves the remnants of the Syrian state, the unity of the homeland and the people, the freedom and dignity of citizens, and achieves transitional justice, then and only then, the writer argues, will all the Syrians unite against terrorism, which they know that it was specifically tailored to encrypt their cause.”