Israeli Soldier Shaul Aaron’s Family Calls for Demonstrating before Netanyahu’s Office

The family of the Israeli soldier Shaul Aaron, who is reportedly detained by the Palestinian resistance in Gaza, called for a massive demonstration Wednesday evening before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office in  Jerusalem on the second anniversary of capturing him east of Gaza.

The family asked for big participation in the demonstration. They warned the Israelis of the same fate of their sons if their demand is ignored.

The two families of the Israeli officer Hadar Golden and soldier Shaul Aaron, who are believed to be held by al-Qassam Brigades in Gaza, have lately escalated their demands after the Israeli-Turkish reconciliation agreement. Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas Movement, announced on July 20, 2014, capturing Aaron in the operation east of al-Shujaiya district during the Israeli aggression. The Israeli army, however, declared his death.
Although al-Qassam Brigades has been very secretive in giving information about the presence of Israeli soldiers dead or alive in its captivity following Israel’s 2014 military aggression against Gaza, a top Al-Qassam leader gave, in a recent interview conducted by al-Jazeera Net, insinuations that two Israeli soldiers could have been captured alive at the time, or they may be dead.

Abu Attar, identified as one of al-Qassam commanders who participated in the last war on Gaza, told al-Jazeera Net that “the Israeli army, despite its use of the Hannibal procedure during the war, had lost a number of its soldiers and officers without being able to rescue them or know their fate.” Abu Attar said the Israeli army used the easiest options when they announced the killing of soldiers instead of having the courage to looking further for facts about the reported capture of soldiers by the resistance in Gaza. “Let’s take for example the case of officer Hadar Goldin, in which the Hannibal procedure was used. This procedure has complicated the situation about the fate of this officer, who completely vanished, and also made it difficult for the enemy to know if he is alive or dead,” the Hamas military commander said. “So it (Israel) has found it necessary to lie to the soldier’s family and tell his relatives that he is dead,” he added. As for the fate of soldier Shaul Aaron, the commander said that al-Qassam fighters were able to make the Israeli occupation state face very difficult options following his disappearance in the war. “Days after examining the wreckage of the carrier which he was aboard along with his comrades, it became evident that there was no single physical or blood trace of the soldier among the remains.” “However, the enemy declared the soldier was killed, choosing one of the easiest options here as well. At the time, it was forced to deal with a bigger dilemma which was the killing and injury of leading elite troops of the Golani Brigade, but neither the military nor the political leadership had the moral courage later to look into the facts,” he elaborated. “Where have Shaul Aaron gone then if there is no trace of his remains, blood or weapon? Or was the bomb, which had detonated the carrier, so destructive that it made the soldier vaporize with no trace? And if this was true, why was he the only one among his comrades who vaporized?” the commander questioned.