RegeniLeaks: Al-Sisi’s Son Has A Role In Regeni’s Murder

ANSA, the Italian news agency, has stated that the son of Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, Mahmoud, may have had a role as a secret service officer in the case of Giulio Regeni, the Italian student tortured and murdered in Cairo, cited from an exclusive report at the Italian newsweekly l’Espresso.

“It is hard to think that al-Sisi’s son was not aware of Regeni’s movements before he disappeared,” writes Brahim Maarad e Marco Pratellesi, adding that “some anonymous reports that arrived via RegeniLeaks, the protected platform created by l’Espresso to seek truth and justice on the Italian researcher, report disquieting details on the affair. However, due to the delicacy of the subject, they are still being assessed by editors.

L’Espresso has reported in RegeniLeaks that there is no doubt that Mahmoud is al-Sisi’s heir for power by tracing the steps that he has taken in his career until now. Mahmoud is now an official in the General Intelligence Service’s most important department which is the interior security and counter-intelligence. In a very short period of time, his name started to glow.

According to ANSA another story on Regeni appearing tomorrow the two journalists explore the universe of “al-Sisi’s torturers”.   They say that “his closest friends, most trusted generals and highest-ranking members of the armed forces”, coming from intelligence and security circles, “control Egypt”.

Giulio Regeni, the Ph.D. student who was doing postgraduate research into Egyptian trade unions, disappeared on the fifth anniversary of January Revolution.The Cambridge University student’s body was found brutally tortured in a roadside ditch on the outskirts of the Egyptian capital, on February 3, 2016. His mother said that she could only recognize him by his nose.

Torture found on Regeni’s body showed the signs of Egypt’s security forces which are known for using violence against detainees to gain information and confessions.

The Egyptian authorities have narrated several stories about the Italian student murder. They previously claimed he was killed in a traffic accident. Then, they claimed he was kidnapped and murdered by a gang specialized in killing foreigners. Four suspected men were shot dead by the Egyptian security forces.

Since Regeni’s murder, Italy has repeatedly expressed  its dissent from the Egyptian authorities which have been accused of not cooperating to find those responsible for Regeni’s brutal death.