Egypt Turned To A Big Prison Under the Al-Sisi Rule

El Mundo, a Spanish daily newspaper, published a report on the “Barbaric Suppression” implemented  by Abdel Fattah al-Sisi since he reached power. The report also pointed that the military man didn’t fulfill his promises regarding stability, security, and prosperity.
In its report, the newspaper stated that “Three years ago, al-Sisi made a group of decisions; one of them was the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi, the first democratically elected president. “It also stated that the days prior to the coup had witnessed demonstrations against Morsi based on a campaign tailored to collect signatures to withdraw confidence from him.”
The newspaper added,”Three years after the military coup, the Pharaohs’ country seems far away from fulfilling the promises about stability, security, and economic reformation which were raised by the alleged savior (al -Sisi) of the country at that time.” In addition, the newspaper pointed to the political suppression against the opposition that has led the country to a phase of disappointment, especially among those who protested against Hosni Mubarak in 2011.
In an interview with Wael Iskandar a blogger, he said to El-Mundo that “After three years, it has become obvious that the country is ruled by military dictatorship as the current regime is extremely suppressive and doesn’t allow any opposition voice to his rule.”
Iskandar also added , “All the horrible practices feared by the public were committed by the current regime. Moreover, the freedom in Egypt has become a joke but it doesn’t make us laugh. If you call for your right of freedom, you will end in prison, enforced disappearance, or exile, or even have a travel ban.”
He continued that, “Egypt has turned to a big prison that includes other worse prisons where torture and solitary confinement take place.”
The newspaper highlighted that the Egyptian regime didn’t expose the accurate number of prisoners in the Egyptian prisons but local right groups unveiled the mystery imposed on human rights file. Local rights groups stated that there are more than 40,000 prisoners in Egypt’s prisons, Moreover, nearly 3,000 people died through the suppressive campaign against demonstrations.

It also added,” Human rights violations are continuing in Egypt, as the security forces are putting constraints on activists and local human rights to prevent them from doing their work. Among those activists is Mozn Hassan, the Founder of Nazra organization for feminist studies, who were banned by security forces from traveling out of the country with other rights figures.”

In addition,  the freedom of expression that flourished after the downfall of Mubarak’s regime became a target to oppression.” Recently, the journalist Liliane Daoud and la Croix journalist-Rémy Pigaglio- were banned from entering the country without any explanation,” said the newspaper.

Moreover, ” For the first time in Egypt’s history, the head of the Press Syndicate and two board members were put to trial for spreading false news,” said the newspaper. In this context, the journalist Khaled al-Belshy said that this regime doesn’t tolerate freedom and it also punished journalists for doing their job.

The newspaper added that throughout the harsh economic crisis that is hitting the country, major projects such as the controversial expansion of the Suez Canal have not achieved any targets, pointing to ” Egypt’s crisis in the tourism sector especially after the terrorist attacks that have recently hit the country.
Finally, El- Mundo said that Abdel Aziz al-Hosseini, one of the founders of Karama Organization ensured that the Egyptian security forces have used live ammunition to suppress the demonstrations against giving away Tiran and Sanafir islands to Saudi Arabia.