A Christian Nun Shot along the Cairo-Alexandria Road

An Egyptian Christian nun was killed and two others were injured after they were shot by unknown assailants as they were travelling along the Cairo-Alexandria road, a church official announced.

According to General Bishop Ermia, two other passengers accompanying the nuns were also injured.

The group was heading to Mary Girgis Monastery, which is situated along the Cairo-Alexandria desert road.

According to a security source at Giza governorate, he claimed that the Egyptian nun at Mar Gergis monastery died as a result of a bullet shot by mistake while she was riding in the Church’s car.

The security source stated to Al-Youm 7  newspaper that there was a revenge quarrel between two families at al-Giza.

He said that one member of a family was killed by a person. As a result, the other family decided to take their revenge; they decided to follow the killer’s family. While Halim Emad was returning with his son from Umrah, they opened fire on them, killing the man and injuring his son. The security source said that the car of the Christian nun was passing by coincidence when the nun came under fire by mistake and died at once.

No official statement was issued by the ministry of interior.

Days ago, a Christian priest was assassinated after being targeted by a hail of bullets when he was leaving a religious ceremony in Al-Arish, northeast Sinai.

The Islamic State (ISIS) claimed its responsibility for the assassination of the Coptic priest in Al-Arish, according to Ammaq News Agency ( media linked to ISIS).