A Libyan Delegation Of The (LNA) Headed By General Haftar Visited Egypt

A Libyan delegation of nine leaders from the Libyan National Army (LNA) headed by General Khalifa Haftar arrived Cairo from Tobruk.

Al-Sisi is one of the major supporters of Gen. Haftar who is supported by Tobruk government.

Sources reported that Haftar met top Egyptian officials and figures to enhance the cooperation between Egypt and Libya especially in facing the terrorist organization.

Haftar’s short visit to Egypt was followed by a similar visit to Moscow.

Some security forces said that there is a direct link between Haftar’s both visits.

The main target Haftar’s visit to Cairo is to negotiate arming the Libyan National Army especially with the continuous arm embargo imposed on Libya for more than two years.

In this context, Egypt can act as a mediator in the negotiations between Haftar and Russia in this issue.

Al-Dostor newspaper (Egypt’s newspaper) cited  Egyptian security sources saying Egypt is elected to play the role of a mediator between Libya National Army  and Moscow to accomplish arm deals requested by LNA to face the terrorist organizations.

The security source also added that the Libyan forces led by Haftar have been launching successful offensives against the Daesh terrorist group which makes the Libya National Army (LNA) the most likely Libyan army to be supported. Since 2011, Libya hosted various armies and militias who are loyal to different groups.

This would also encourage the western countries to be less strict towards arming the Libyan army, said the security source.

He also suggested that the arms and weapons can be transferred through the Egyptian-Libyan borders instead of being smuggled through the borders.

Since the Libyan Revolution that overthrew the long-time dictator 2011 Muammar Gaddafi, violence has spread in Libya among the different Libyan factions.

Two rival governments operate in Libya, with self-proclaimed authorities controlling the capital of Tripoli and adjacent western areas and an internationally recognized government, based in the eastern Libyan city of Tobruk.

Moreover, a third government was formed known as the Government of National Accord(GNA) supported by many western countries. The government has so far failed to restore the country’s unity.

None of the governments have a complete dominance over Libya until now.  However, each government tries to win an international support through achieving military success against the Islamic State (ISIS) in Libya.