Clashes between Syrian rebels and ISIS near Aleppo

Clashes between Syrian rebels and ISIS near Aleppo

Syrian rebels stormed, Thursday afternoon, the strategic town of al-Rai in Aleppo northern countryside while fierce clashes with ISIS are taking place, according to SNN.

The attacks on the town and its surroundings started early in the morning by opposition fighters.

Among fierce and continues clashes with ISIS, opposition fighters are trying to storm the town, according to the same source.

Opposition fighters recaptured, on Wednesday, many villages which were under ISIS control in Aleppo northern countryside. This allowed them to advance and start storming al-Rai town which is one of the main bastions of ISIS.

Following fierce fighting with ISIS, opposition fighters entered the strategic Al-Rai town in northern Aleppo countryside but for some hours only.

ISIS launched a counter attack and used a car bomb killing and wounding many opposition fighters, Orient correspondent reported and added that opposition fighters, as a result, withdrew from the town.

Such developments came after opposition fighters liberated many towns and villages in the surrounding of al-Rai town including Dodiyan, Baragheeda and Tal Battal.

In case opposition fighters regain control over al-Rai, they would move the battles into ISIS-controlled areas—5 kilometers away from the city of al-Bab in Aleppo eastern countryside.