Hezbollah, Lebanese army bombs Syrian refugee camp in Arsal

Hezbollah, Lebanese army bombs Syrian refugee camp in Arsal

Both the Lebanese army and Hezbollah militia bombarded on Friday the Syrian refugee camps in the border town of Arsal with tens of missiles, resulting in a number of killed and wounded among the refugees.

According to activists, three Syrian refugees were killed while many others were injured, after the Lebanese army and Hezbollah militants targeted Wady Hameed refugee camp – located in the vicinity of Arsal – with mortar shells and machine guns. Syrian refugee

This recent incident comes within the campaign launched recently by the security forces and the Lebanese army, under the guidance of Hezbollah militia, to carry out violations of the rights of refugees in Lebanon; most notably, storming the camps and burning the tents and campaigns of arrests under the pretext of looking for “terrorists.”

The UNHCR had documented earlier that more than 1.173 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon are living under miserable conditions.

Syrian refugees are threat

Mentioning the Syrian refugees, Lebanon foreign and expatriates minister, Gebran Bassil said earlier this month that “the heavy displacement to Lebanon forms an existential threat to it,” and the links between immigration and terrorism in Europe.

He stressed that discussions have focused in particular on the fearsome exacerbation to the challenges that Lebanon is facing in light of the Syrian displacement crisis and the escalating international terrorism.

“We have focused on the negative effects experienced by our countries due to the current massive immigration. We have offered means to address the waves of immigrants that if not tackled by the roots would destabilize security and stability,” he confirmed.

Bassil’s remarks came during a joint press conference with his Finnish counterpart Timo Soini in Helsinki.

the Lebanese FM stressed the need to cut off the funding of terrorist organizations, adding that military efforts must be exerted in a bid to uproot them.

Bassil concluded by saying that “the huge presence of Syrian refugees in Lebanon poses an existential threat to the country.”