Mishaal: Regional Plots Target Both Ramallah and Gaza

Chairman of Hamas’s political bureau Khaled Mishaal on Wednesday said that there are regional plots to create a new Palestinian political leadership targeting both Gaza and Ramallah in an attempt to lay down a Palestinian leadership that serves regional agenda that do not meet the Palestinian people’s interests.

Speaking at a media meeting in Doha on Wednesday, Mishaal stressed that Hamas will not allow outsiders to middle in Palestinian affairs.

Mishaal underlined that there are regional plots targeting both Gaza and Ramallah at the same time. In light of the “hot” regional developments, “we as Palestinians bear a growing responsibility amid total international disregard”, he said.

“Hamas and Fatah have their differences but they also share common grounds that we can build upon through dialogue.” He underlined.

He pointed out that Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu “takes advantage of the ongoing regional conflicts to normalize ties with some parties.” The submitted political initiatives are only a failed attempt to fill the blanks, Mishaal said in reference to the recent French initiative to revive Palestinian-Israeli peace talks.

He confirmed that lifting the siege on Gaza remains a Turkish condition for normalizing relations with Israel, noting that Turkish officials have assured the movement in this regard.
“Our top priorities are ending the internal division, achieving a real reconciliation, supporting resistance and the ongoing uprising, and protecting Jerusalem and al-Aqsa Mosque.” “Ending Gaza siege is also one of our top priorities”, he stressed.
“Ending Gaza siege is one of our top priorities,” he said, at the same time stressing that Hamas seeks to spare the Gaza Strip a new Israeli war.

Mishaal called on Palestinian leaders to work collectively and effectively to gain more support for the Palestinian cause on the Arab and international levels. The Hamas leader finally renewed his group’s keenness not to intervene in any Arab or non-Arab country’s internal affairs.