Limited Israeli Incursion In Southern Gaza Strip

Nearly six Israeli military bulldozers carried out a limited incursion Monday morning into the eastern areas of Khan Younis to the south of Gaza Strip.

Israeli military vehicles staged a limited incursion across the borderline of the besieged Gaza Strip to level land, Palestinian locals said.

Six Israeli military vehicles crossed the Abu Rida gate at the border east of the town of Khuzaa in the southern Gaza Strip and leveled Palestinian land in the area.

Israeli military bulldozers along with Israeli troops advanced into Abu Rida district to the east of Khuzaa town east of Khan Younis and started leveling Palestinians’ lands, local sources said. Monday’s incident came as part of Israeli near-daily violations of the ceasefire agreement reached on August 26, 2014, between Palestinian resistance and Israel to end its 51-day aggression on Gaza.

Israeli military incursions inside the besieged Gaza Strip and near the “buffer zone” which lies on both land and sea sides of Gaza, have long been a near-daily occurrence.

Palestinians who work near the “buffer zone” between the Palestinian enclave and Israel often come under fire from military forces, as the Israeli military has not made clear the precise area of the designated zone.

The practice has in effect destroyed much of the agricultural sector of the blockaded coastal enclave.