Kerry to Russia: US patience in Syria is very limited

Kerry to Russia: US patience in Syria is very limited

US Secretary of State John Kerry told Russia and Assad regime on Wednesday to respect a fragile ceasefire, warning that Washington’s patience was running out.

Russia needs to understand that our patience is not infinite, in fact it is very limited with whether or not Assad is going to be held accountable,” Kerry said during a visit to Norway.

“We also are prepared to hold accountable members of the opposition” who have been involved in continuing violence, he said after a meeting with his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif.

World powers have failed to turn a fragile cessation of hostilities in Syria, in effect since February 27, into a durable truce.

“It is very clear that the cessation of hostilities is frayed and at risk and that it is critical for a genuine cessation to be put in place. We know that, we have no illusion,” Kerry said.

“This is a critical moment and we are working very. very hard to see if we can in the next week or two come to an agreement that has a capacity to more fully implement a ceasefire across the country and deliver humanitarian access in a way that then provides for a genuine opportunity to bring people to the table and start talking about a transition.”

Russian raids in Idlib

Russian and Assad regime war planes didn’t respect any ceasefire and kept bombing civilian areas under the term of fighting terrorism.

At least 30 people, five of them children, were killed in Russian raids, including on a marketplace where civilians were buying their needs in the rush hour before Iftar time 3 days ago.

Horrific photos were uploaded by Syrian activists, showing wide destruction, burned corpses and severely injured people. turkey

Many buildings and shops were destroyed. Civilians were burned to death inside their cars and homes.

These massacres are not the first by Russians in Idlib. Previous massacres by Russian jets harvested more than 100 civilians lives and hundreds of injured people, in contineous beaches of the ceasefire.

Russia deployed warplanes to Syria last year to support Assad regime against rebels seeking to end his rule, while they say that their aim is fighting terrorism and ISIS in Syria.