Israeli Warplanes Hit Agricultural Land East Of Gaza and Israeli Navy Detain 10 Fishermen

Israeli warplanes targeted on Tuesday evening Palestinian agricultural lands east of Johor al-Dick, southeast of Gaza City, according to local sources.

At least, one rocket landed in an agricultural land near the border fence, causing severe material damage.

No initial casualties were reported. The attack came as part of Israeli near-daily violations of the ceasefire agreement reached on August 26, 2014, between the Palestinian resistance and Israel via Egypt to end its 51-day aggression on Gaza.

In another context, Israeli naval forces detained ten Palestinian fishermen while they were on a fishing trip Wednesday morning off the coast of Gaza City, Palestinian sources said.

Palestinian security sources said Israeli navy confiscated two fishing boats, subsequently taking them to Israel’s Ashdod port.

Meanwhile, the speaker of the union of Gaza fishermen, Nizar Ayyash, said that 10 fishermen were detained and four boats were confiscated.

He identified the fishermen as Zayid Zaki Taroush, Ismail Zaki Taroush, Fadi Hashim Dabo, Abdullah Zaki Taroush, Ahmad Abd al-Rahman Zaqut, Fahd Ziyab Bakr, Eid Muhsin Bakr, Rami Izzat Bakr, Ziyad Fahd Bakr, and Bayan Khamis Bakr.

In a separate incident in Gaza on Wednesday morning, Israeli military vehicles reportedly crossed the borders into the besieged coastal enclave, where Israeli forces used bulldozers to level land east of Rafah in the south. Witnesses said they saw four bulldozers leveling land near the border fence.

Palestinians who work near the “buffer zone” between the Palestinian enclave and Israel often come under fire from military forces, as the Israeli military has not made clear the precise area of the designated zone.

Israeli military incursions inside the besieged Gaza Strip and near the “buffer zone” which lies on both land and sea sides of Gaza, have long been a near-daily occurrence.

The Israeli army forces regularly open fire on Palestinian fisherman and farmers along the border areas, despite a ceasefire agreement that ended the 2014 war.