Syria: Calls to boycott SOHR for lies and Bolstering Assad

Syria: Calls to boycott SOHR for lies and Bolstering Assad
Rami Abdul Rahman

There has been a relative increase in calls urging to boycott the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) operated by Rami Abdul Rahman (aka Osama Suleiman) due to the extent that it has reached in its misrepresentation and lying concerning what is actually happening in Syria.

A few days ago, the observatory published a news item titled: “Aerial bombardment targets Idlib countryside and leads to human losses.”

The news item read: “Warplanes went in 4 airstrikes on Iblin town and its surroundings targeting a camp for Jund al-Aqsa faction around Iblin town in the Zawiya mount leading to the death of 18 militants. 2 children were killed while others were wounded by rebels shells targeted Kafria and al-Fouaa towns which are inhabited by Shiaa.”

However, what actually happened was that all of the killed in Iblin were civilians, mainly women and children.

In addition, the observatory mentioned 2 children killed in Kafria and al-Fouaa, allegedly accusing opposition fighters of targeting the Shia towns. SOHR

Bolstering Assad regime

In another news item – titled: “Regime forces enter the administrative border of Al-Raqqah, aims to get to the Euphrates Lake and besiege the “Islamic State” in Aleppo” – which read: “The violent clashes continued between the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them supported by Syrian, Russian helicopter and warplanes against members from the “Islamic State” in the area of Ithriyah – al-Tabaqa, and the regime forces managed to advance again in the area supported by the firearm and get into the administrative border of Al-Raqqah province, where the regime forces are now trying to advance and reach the Euphrates Lake and the road of Al-Raqqah – Aleppo, now they are about 40 kilometers away from these areas…”

In truth, Assad regime forces’ aim is not to reach al-Tabaqa but Ithriyah (aka Aleppo road). The regime had already announced previously that it was going to al-Raqqa in February 2015, but the operation failed and did not come with tangible results on the ground.

In addition, Assad regime forces have a painful memory of Tabaqa airport, in which ISIS held captive more than 100 people and were later executed by mid-August 2014.