Dozens of civilians killed in Idlib by Russia airstrikes

Assad regime’s and Russian warplanes conducted on the last two days a new round of airstrikes on residential areas in the city of Idlib. The attacks hit Idlib National Hospital and many popular marketplaces, according to activists.

Ten civilians were killed on Wednesday and tens were seriously injured by Assad regime’s airstrikes on Idlib’s Sejar, activists said.

The attacks targeted a number of shops which sell oil derivatives. Big fires were caused by the indiscriminate attacks. The bodies of the casualties were burned beyond recognition.

two civilians were killed on Tuesday by Assad regime’s airstrikes which were conducted on Kafr Takhareem in Idlib countryside, similar attacks hit Binnish.

On Monday night, Russian warplanes conducted eight airstrikes on Idlib. The air attacks targeted residential buildings. More than 50 civilians were killed and about 250 were seriously injured.

Civil defense volunteers tried to recover as many as possible of those who were trapped under the rubble, witnesses said.

“Russian warplanes attacked the city of Idlib, two airstrikes hit the heart of four neighboring buildings. Mass destruction was caused in the area. We have been working here for about 9 hours. There are still three people trapped under the rubble, Abo Abdo, the civil defense volunteers’ responsible said.

Abo Abdo also said that Monday simultaneous Russian airstrikes made civil defense volunteers overwhelmed.

The volunteers are still endeavoring to recover a mother and her children who were still trapped under the rubble. They wish to bring them out alive as they succeeded in recovering one of the children on Monday, activists said.

Large numbers of civilians were seen fleeing from their homes in the city of Idlib after this brutal wave of airstrikes on the city.