Houthis retake strategic positions

The Houthis have made advancement and are now in control of several positions lost in recent months across southern Yemen, military sources said on Sunday.

In Lahj province, which borders to Aden, sources told AFP that Houthi fighters are now positioned on a hill overlooking the strategic al-Anad airbase. The base houses Sudanese troops  from the Saudi-led coalition that has been fighting the Houthis across Yemen since March.

The Houthi deployment near Al-Anad, which took place without fighting, “poses a real danger to pro-government and coalition forces,” a military source told AFP.

Backed by coalition strikes, supplies and troops, loyalist forces launched a major counter-offensive in July, pushing the Houthis, who are based in the north of Yemen, out of Aden and four other southern provinces.

Meanwhile, in al-Madaribah in southwestern Yemen, fighting on Saturday between the Houthis and troops loyal to the government left casualties on both sides, according to pro-government sources.

The Houthis also retook the second city in Daleh province, Damt, after besieging it for hours and clashing with loyalist troops there, military sources said.

These clashes left 16 people dead, the sources said, adding that many others were wounded.

The Iran-supporte Houthis, a Shiite minority from Yemen’s north, seized control of capital Sanaa last year and then advanced south, forcing Hadi to flee to Saudi Arabia as they moved on to Aden.