Timeline Egypt

Jan-Feb 2011 – After 30 years in power, Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak faces mass opposition in the form of nationwide demonstrations.

Jan 30 2011 – Mohamed Morsi and several other Brotherhood figures escape from prison.

Feb 11Mubarak is forced to step down and a period of military rule begins.

Feb 15, 2012 – The Muslim Brotherhood wins nearly half the seats in Egypt’s lower house. The ultraconservative Salafis take roughly a quarter of the other seats.

June 16,17Mr Morsi wins Egypt’s presidential election with 51.7 per cent of the vote.

Nov 22 – Widespread protests begin after Mr Morsi, in one of his most controversial moves as president, gives himself a range of new powers. Citing Egypt’s economic problems, he brings in laws that make his decisions immune from judicial review.

June 30 – The anniversary of President Morsi’s first year in office. Millions of Egyptians take to the streets of Cairo calling on him to step down. Clashes outside the Brotherhood’s headquarters result in eight deaths.

July 3 – Morsi is deposed and detained by the military. Supporters of the ousted president begin mass sit-ins demanding that he is reinstated. Brotherhood figures are arrested by the military.

July 27 – Pro-Morsi sit-ins and daily demonstrations continue. Security forces clash with protesters leaving 80 dead at the two major camps.

Aug 11 – The Egyptian government declares it will remove the sit-ins within 24 hours.

Aug 12 – Plans to remove the camps are postponed as the authorities try to avoid bloodshed. The sit-ins grow as more protestors arrive, defying government warnings.

Aug 14 – Security forces take action against the protestors, using armoured vehicles and bulldozers, in scenes described by pro-Morsi groups as a “massacre”.