Families of kidnapped youths protest outside Egyptian Embassy

Skärmavbild 2015-08-28 kl. 18.05.01GAZA, Families of the four kidnapped students, who were abducted in Sinai while on their way to Cairo, staged a sit-in outside the Egyptian Embassy in Gaza Strip, calling for revealing their whereabouts.

The abducted youths’ families launched an appeal for their release, calling on Egyptian authorities to make all possible efforts for their safe return.

The participants held photos of the four kidnapped young men along with banners stressing their right to freedom of movement.

The families also called on Egypt to reveal their sons’ whereabouts especially that they were abducted in Egyptian territory.

Egypt is responsible for their protection and safe return, the families said.

The families also called on PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas and human rights institutions to immediately intervene for their sons’ release.

On Wednesday evening, armed men stopped a bus that was transferring passengers from Rafah crossing to Cairo Airport, just a short distance after the border crossing, and abducted four Palestinians.