For a long time Lebanon has been in the center of Middle Eastern conflicts, despite its small size, because of its borders with Syria and Israel.

Lebanon was involved in war with Israel over Hezbollah in 2006.  Hezbollah launched a series of rocket attacks and raids into Israeli territory, where they killed three Israeli soldiers and captured two. Israel responded with airstrikes and artillery fire on targets in Lebanon, and a ground invasion of southern Lebanon. The conflict was officially ended by the UNSC Resolution 1701 on August 14, 2006, which ordered a ceasefire. Southern Beirut was heavily damaged by Israeli airstrikes. In addition to Human losses from both sides.

Lebanon enjoys good relations with many of the other Arab countries (despite historical tensions with Libya, the Palestinians, Syria and Iraq), and hosted an Arab League Summit in March 2002 for the first time in more than 35 years. Lebanon is a member of the Francophone countries and hosted the Francophone Summit in October 2002.

Prime Minister of Lebanon is Tammam Salam.