Shuwaikh’s 18-year-old sister abducted by Egyptian police, disappeared for days

An 18-year-old girl abducted by police and forcibly disappeared for days only for being sister of Abdel Rahman al Shuwaikh, the detainee that has reportedly been sextually assaulted by the police.

After Abdel Rahman al Shuwaikh’s mother voiced out a cry to rescue her son who was sexually assaulted in prison by police guards, the Sisi regime has abducted the mother, the father and their 18-year-old daughter

Amr Waked, a well-known actor, filmmaker, and musician, retweeted Mohamed Ismail’s tweet, saying:

I wish, after watching the Ikhtiar 2 serial (a clear propaganda for the army and police forces based on completely groundless information), you will try to answer this important question:

The tweet says: Can anyone explain to me why Salsabil, an 18-year-old girl and a high-level university student, is arrested under trumped-up charges, leaving her books and study, and prosecuted in a completely fabricated case – only because she is the sister of Omar Al Shuwaikh, Abdel Rahman Al Shuwaikh, Abdel Aziz Al Shuwaikh; and the daughter of Gamal Al Shuwaikh!!? #Save the family of Abdel Rahman Al Shuwaikh.

According to Arabi 21, the family of Abdel Rahman Al-Shuwaikh confirmed that Abdel-Rahman has started a hunger strike to protest the crimes against humanity he was subjected to, indicating that he is in a state of severe fatigue.

Abdel Rahman’s mother confirmed that she filed a complaint to the prison warden about the rape of her son, but the prison warden denied that such matters happened inside the prison. But she was later able to file a complaint to the Public Prosecution.

However, instead of investigating the complaint, Abdel Rahman’s house was raided by the National Security forces and all his family members were arrested, except for his brother Omar, who is abroad.

Omar, the brother of the detainee Abdel Rahman Al-Shuwaikh, also told Al-Jazeera that his father, mother, sister and other brother were all arrested and taken to the National Security Sector headquarters in Al-Maasara, Helwan. Omar told Al-Jazeera Mubasher that the security forces raided the family’s home in Helwan after his mother filed a complaint about hisbrother’s abuse in El Minya prison, Egypt.

Jackie Ross, a Human Rights International Advocate and Asylum Coordinator, commented on this on her account on Facebook, saying:

“Does anyone care that a 28 year old in an Egyptian jail was so badly sexually abused by a guard that they had to put him in hospital? The police goon squad of the dictator Sisi, have come to his parents’ house, and will arrest them too. All of this happened because their son’s story came out on social media three days ago.

Abdel Rahman’s mother spoke out and filed a complaint (against the perpetrator) about what happened to her son. Instead of investigating her complaint, the National Security officers are at his (the victim’s) home now, according to her son Omar!!.”

Does anyone care enough to begin letter writing to American officials? After all, the U.S. government gives billions of dollars in aid to Egypt every year, and every year thousands of innocent people are jailed in the most horrible of conditions with no human rights given to them.

Does anyone care enough to join me in this fight for freedom? Anyone? You can message me if you want to help.

Postscript – That young man’s parents and 18 year old sister were kidnapped today. Does any American care enough to join in the fight?”