The Egyptian regime fights opponents by revoking their nationality

In a new escalation step by Sisi’s regime against his opponents abroad

A new decision issued by the Egyptian government, headed by PM Mustafa Madbouly, regarding of the Egyptian Political Activist Ghada Nagiub, where Resolution No. 48 of 2020 was issued to revoke her Egyptian nationality.

Who is Ghada Naguib?

Ghada Mohamed Naguib … was born in Cairo on February 3, 1972, holds a Bachelor of Laws, a political activist, married the Egyptian artist Hisham Abdullah on March 13, 1999, and she used to live in the Omraneya area In Giza Governorate, before her and her husband fled to Turkey because the Egyptian regime pursued them.

A right for every newborn in Egypt .. Wide solidarity with Ghada Naguib after the decision to revoke the nationality

Many activists, politicians and media professionals expressed their solidarity with Ghada Naguib, a political activist, after the coup authorities decided to revoke her nationality on the grounds that her father is of Syrian origin and that she is “residing in an emergency residence abroad.”

Political activist Ahmed Amer, said that Sisi, the butcher of Egypt, “fought the Egyptians … it is not strange for them such a decision … the 50% military. This is the most they can think about … they only want their country, and the people are slaves to them .. Withdraw nationality from # Ghada-Najeeb grants citizenship on the soil of money in small sums to investors who come from the occupying entity and their relatives from around the world. “

Activist Hassan Abd al-Rahman asserted that the coup and its masters “will go to the dustbin of history and will remain a revolutionary mother despite their noses.”

Criminal decision

Journalist Mustafa Ashour commented, “Ghada Naguib is Egyptian and will not change that. Neither a court’s decision nor the decision of a criminal official who rapes Egypt’s ruling … Nobody has the right to forfeit the nationality of any Egyptian opposition even if it is published in the (official) fake newspaper.

Sarcastically, the politician Ayman Nour, leader of the Ghad al-Thawra Party wrote on his Twitter platform: “I apologize for being disappointed because I have to describe the Cabinet Resolution No. 48 of 2020 as a bleak decision at the most difficult time .. The revocation of citizenship from Ghada Najib is a human rights and ethical scandal confirming Sisi’s approach and his intelligence state in Assault on anyone who opposes him, whether he is civilian or independent … I call on the free world and all free people to condemn the decision. “

While the activist and TV presenter, Osama Gaweesh, said that the Egyptian nationality is not a grant from Sisi or a paper that he withdraws from whom he wants

The Egyptian nationality is the homeland and the love that inhabits our hearts

A right for every child born on the land of Egypt

Hamza Zawbaa (TV presenter on Mekemleen TV channel) pointed out that “Egyptian nationality is a right for every child born on the land of Egypt..and for every lover and lover of it, and for every loyal to its revolution..and no ruler or possessor like you can drop it … neither on behalf of Ghada Naguib nor on behalf of others …”

The human rights journalist Haitham Abu Khalil added, “The revocation of the nationality from Mrs. Ghada Naguib, the wife of dear colleague, artist Hisham Abdullah, is a message of terror from the Executive Director of Egypt, Ahmed Shaaban, to everyone .. Whoever approaches me will be the fate of Dua Khalifa and Ghada Naguib .. Ghada Naguib, daughter of Egypt. Not by nationality, but by actions that prove that they are more Egyptian than you, country scum. “

While many Egyptian activists have expressed their anger at the situation of freedoms and human rights in Egypt under Sisi, calling on all international organizations to intervene.

The Sisi regime has not only arrested more than 60,000 political opponents, but has been pursuing them abroad, either by arresting their relatives or revoking their nationality.