EU calls on Israel to stop demolition of Palestinian homes

The European Union (EU) on Thursday called on Israel to stop the demolition of Palestinian homes in the occupied territories

EU Spokesperson Peter Santo announced in a statement: “This week, Israeli forces demolished more than 70 structures, including residential, livelihood and sanitation facilities, belonging to 11 Palestinian families with 41 children in Khirbet Hamsa Al-Foqa, in the northern Jordan Valley.”

“This large-scale demolition confirms once again the regrettable trend of confiscations and demolitions since the beginning of the year,” he added.

“This comes on top of the threat of demolition of the Palestinian school in the Ras Al-Teen community in the central West Bank, which has been co-funded by the EU and several EU Member States,” added Santo.

The EU official indicated: “There are currently 52 Palestinian schools under threat of demolition.”

Santo asserted: “As reiterated in previous EU Council Conclusions, the EU calls for the protection of children, including ensuring their right to education in a safe and secure school environment. Education is a basic human right that should be protected and maintained.”

He continued: “Such developments constitute an impediment towards the two-state solution.”

“The EU reiterates its call on Israel to halt all such demolitions, including of EU-funded structures, in particular in light of the humanitarian impact of the current coronavirus pandemic,” concluded the EU spokesperson.

Meanwhile, the United Nations announced on Thursday: “So far in 2020, 689 structures have been demolished across the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.”

Yvonne Helle, acting humanitarian coordinator in the occupied Palestinian territory, disclosed in a statement on Thursday that these demolitions resulted in the displacement of 869 Palestinians who lost their homes.

Helle pointed out that the number of razed buildings since the beginning of the year until today is: “More than in any full year since 2016.”