Hamas criticizes Cairo’s support for UAE-Israel deal while Mossad chief meets top Sudan official in Abu Dhabi

Chief of Hamas political bureau Ismail Haniyeh announced on Friday his movement’s opposition to Egyptian support for the UAE-Israel normalization deal.

Speaking to TRT World, Haniyeh criticized the UAE-Israel deal and reiterated that it came about due to fear from Israel, weakness of the Arab leaders, and seeking support from foreign powers to remain on top of their regimes.

“We oppose [Egypt’s] political support for the deal,” Haniyeh announced. “We do not support any deal between Egypt and Israel and we do not agree that there is any support for the normalization deal with Israel.”

Haniyeh described the deal as: “Overriding the track of history and a violation of Arab and Islamic consensus as well as a stab in the backs of the Palestinian people.”

The top Hamas leader urged the UAE to abolish the deal and return to its commitment to Palestinian rights.

Mossad chief meets top Sudan official in UAE

Meanwhile, Israeli Mossad Chief Yossi Cohen met secretly with Deputy Head of Sudan Sovereignty Council Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, The New Arab revealed on Friday.

Senior UAE officials attended the meeting, which was organized by the Gulf State, according to The New Arab.

The UAE officials included the country’s National Security Advisor Tahnoun Bin Zayed, the London-based news website said, pointing out Sudanese eagerness to promote its relations with Israel.

Lieutenant General Dagalo, who is also known as Hemeti, arrived in the UAE covertly on a private aircraft.

Dagalo discussed several measures with the Israeli official, including normalizing ties, starting commercial relations, and working toward an official announcement of full normalization.

The sources said that the Sudanese condition for reaching a normalization agreement is that Israel starts working to remove Sudan’s name from the US list of the states that sponsor terror.

According to the sources, the UAE is playing a big role in accelerating enthusiasm of the Arab states and officials towards creating open ties with Israel.