Turkey has purchased the S-400 missiles. So, what now?

Turkey has purchased the S-400 missiles. So, what now? Is the US going to attack us? What sort of a threat is this? What are you preparing for? – asks Ibrahim Karagul

“If you buy the Russian S-400 missiles, the U.S. is going to slam you with sanctions. In addition, you are going to face NATO sanctions”: this is how we are being threatened.

Some U.S. officials are saying, “Turkey is going to face very real consequences.” Turkey is being pressured and blackmailed through numerous media outlets.

The U.S., which had earlier brought to the table all kinds of pressures, threats and blackmail such as, “Let us give you the Patriot missiles” (a lie and distraction tactic), “We will devastate your economy,” “Those weapons are a threat to NATO, if you buy them we will not deliver the F-35 fighter jets,” is now standing before us with a different type of threat.

The US has been attacking us in every area since the July 15 attack

This is an extraordinary language. It is more so a discourse which reveals what is on their minds. It is clearly an “enemy” language. It is a language that indicates that ties such as the NATO alliance, partnerships with the U.S. and relations with the West bloc have long eroded – or that they are have perhaps ended – and that the U.S. and Turkey see each other as “threats.”

The next step after this means “We will strike you.” Everybody knows this. We all know that the U.S. is trying to isolate Turkey from the entire region, and has hence started to build an Arab bloc against us, and is spreading anti-Turkey sentiment throughout region through these countries. We are facing U.S. attacks in every area from Sudan to Somalia, from the Persian Gulf to the north of Syria.

The July 15, 2016 attack was a U.S. attack. It was an intervention through the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), and it was repelled. The U.S. and its allies were defeated by Turkey’s national resistance. That multinational project collapsed at the time. Had they succeeded, Turkey would have turned into Syria, been divided to pieces, and its map would be redrawn for a second time after World War I.

They even intervened in municipal elections

But U.S. attacks continued after July 15. Operations to corner Turkey through Syria and Iraq, to siege it from the south were accelerated. The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Daesh terror groups were used – and continue to be used – effectively for this purpose.

The cooperation between terrorist organizations and some political parties inside Turkey, and certain “conservative opposition” groups joining them later on, was part of the plan to corner Turkey. Even in the last mayoral election in Istanbul, we witnessed how this multinational organization intervened.

The U.S. and Israel are, in the broader sense, carrying out regional attacks targeting Turkey through Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Everybody that is anti-Turkey, from the media to politicians, whether they are local or foreign, are being financed through these two countries and further provoked against our country. Furthermore, Turkey’s entire regional presence, influence and units are being targeted. There is a political, military and economic attack campaign against our country.

They want to leave Turkey defenseless.

Why, is there some sort of preparation?

In addition to the attacks that the U.S. and Israel are conducting through countries in the region, as well as terrorist organizations, the path is being paved now for open and direct attacks. The S-400 issue was used as justification for direct attacks. Why?

Why do they want to leave Turkey without air defense?

Is there going to be an operation against Turkey that could be prevented by the S-400s?

Why are the U.S. and its allies so disturbed about Turkey strengthening its airspace? What are they trying to say? Are they telling us, “Wait in a debilitated state, we have a surprise for you. Do not make any preparations until then”?

There is a tough fight on in Aegean, East Mediterranean.

We need to see the approaching storm

There is an extremely serious situation at hand. The danger is coming from the U.S. and Israel. This is an open, imminent and the biggest threat to Turkey. The danger arises from the states they are using as Trojan horses. They are joining forces to interfere in Turkey from within, and in the case that that does not work, they are working on a direct intervention.

Turkey has no choice but to immediately boost its defense power without wasting any time. It must do this with extraordinary speed and determination.

Our nation and state must be alert against any new threats and attacks from the south and the West.

We have to see the approaching storm. As the U.S. and its allies threaten Iran, there may be an intervention on Turkey from the Aegean, East Mediterranean and the north of Syria. The military buildup in the East Mediterranean, the mounting tensions over energy groups, efforts to push Turkey outside the region, Israel and Greece’s efforts in the Aegean to provoke Turkey – these are not simple or ordinary tensions.

By: Ibrahim Karagul – The article was published by Yeni Safak Turkish newspaper on 24 May 2019.