World must break its silence over Islamophobic hatred

Turkey urges end to ‘Islamophobic fascist terrorism”, says presidential spokesman

Turkey is urging the world to stop “Islamophobic fascist terrorism” after armed terrorist attacks on two mosques in New Zealand early Friday which left at least 49 people dead.

“Attacks on two mosques in New Zealand show the point Islamophobia and Muslim hostility reached,” Ibrahim Kalin, Turkey’s presidential spokesman, said on Twitter.

His remarks came after twin mosque attacks in Christchurch — New Zealand’s third-largest city — which claimed at least 49 lives, according to police.

Kalin strongly condemned “the fascist terrorist attack” and wished God’s mercy on the fallen.

“This cowardly act shows how anti-Muslim rhetoric and hatred leads to murderous acts. The world must break its silence over Islamophobic hatred.

“We have seen many times that Islamophobic rhetoric against Islam and Muslims has turned into a perverse and murderous ideology,” Kalin said.

Muslims will ‘never come to heel’: Turkish president

Recep Tayyip Erdogan says murderer behind twin mosque attacks in New Zealand targets Turkey, himself, and all Muslims

Even in face of Islamophobic attacks, Muslims will never come to heel, said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday following twin mosque attacks in New Zealand which killed at least 49.

“As Muslims, we will never come to heel and never come down to the level of these cowards,” Erdogan told a campaign rally.

Erdogan added that Turkey will continue to take same stance whenever innocents die, without any discrimination.