A Pro-Sisi TV Host Incites Murder of Opposition Figures in Exile

Incitement on air .. Egyptian media incites to kill opposition figures in exile

Pro-regime TV host and journalist Mohamed El-Baz has incited the killing of three Egyptian opposition figures abroad: Ayman Nour, leader of Ghad El-Thawrah Party, and TV presenters Moataz Matar and Mohamed Nasser.

In his “90-Minutes” program in Al-Mehwar Satellite Channel, El-Baz last Wednesday night (Sept. 12) called upon Egyptians to kill Moataz Matar, Ayman Nour, and Mohamed Nasser “I say to any Egyptian that can reach Moataz Matar, Ayman Nour, or Mohamed Nasser to kill them all; even if they say I am inciting their killing, ‘Yes’ I incite their murder… Kill them.”

Al-Baz accused the three opponents, in addition to the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and all the Egyptian media in Turkey, of moving to “sabotage the state and the army and police barracks”, stressing that they “deserve” murder.

For his part, former presidential candidate and head of Ghad El-Thawrah Party Ayman Nour, “What Mohamed al-Baz did of incitement is a full crime ments, and I will take all legal procedures to prosecute him.”

“Has the criminal acts of the regime reached this point?” Nour wrote on his Twitter account, adding: “We will pursue them legally as ‘murderers’ and ‘instigators of murder’, both inside and outside the country.”

Nour also sent a complaint to the head of the Supreme Council of Media, Makram Mohamed Ahmed, asking him to investigate the incident, which he considered to be in conflict with all laws and professional norms. He also filed a complaint to the Egyptian Prosecutor-General.

TV Host Mohammed Nasser published a link to Baz’s incitement against him, and wrote on Twitter: “Informer Journalist Mohamed El-Baz: Those who can kill Ayman Nour, Moataz Matar and Mohamed Nasser, let them do it!!

The Arab Observatory for Media Freedom expressed its full condemnation of Mohamed El-Baz’s explicit murder incitement against three Egyptian media journalists, Dr. Ayman Nour, chairman of Al-Sharq TV channel, and TV host Moataz Matar at the same channel, and Mohamed Nasser, a TV presenter at Mekameleen Satellite Channel.

The direct incitement of El-Baz came during his talk show on Al-Mehwar channel, and was re-published by intelligence-owned Al-Dostour newspaper, where El-Baz is its chief editor and responsible for its reports.

The Observatory asserts that this incitement to murder puts the lives of the three media men at risk and therefore El-Baz and those security apparatuses that are backing him (and can restrain him if they wish) are held responsible for any harm they are subjected to.


TV Presenter Maotaz Matar wrote on Twitter “In the worst incitement in Egypt .. Egyptian media: Kill Moataz Matar.”

Baz’s incitement against the three opponents has aroused widespread solidarity with them.

“The threat of killing on the air by the Egyptian pro-regime media arms, and the incitement to get rid of opposition journalists and politicians in exile is another crime added to the crimes of this military regime,” said Egyptian media man Osama Gawish.