Column: Israel is a kind of Jewish Daesh

By:Yasin Aktay*

Regardless of the progress humankind has made in science, technology or intelligence, and regardless of how much all this progress is reflected on politics, international relations and strategic plans, it seems a part of the world continues to live millennia in the past. As a matter of fact, the part of the world in question is a center where scientific developments, enlightenment, technical development and the strategic mind are noted the most.

This is actually a contradiction sufficient to render all sociological analyses, all theoretical approaches toward international relations completely ineffective.

At a time and atmosphere in the world, which is said to have reached the Age of Secularization, with the strength and strategy it gets from the U.S. – considered the most civilized in the civilized world – Israel declares the lands it is occupying in the heart of the Middle East as a pure Jewish state. As if that is not enough, it declares Israel as the historical homeland of all Jews worldwide.

It takes care of the constitution problem that has been ongoing in law for years in a flash and accepts that Jewish Law will be taken as reference. It announces to the world that all Jews around the world have the right to return to Israel and that Jerusalem is the capital of this state.

While this law, which automatically reduces everyone living in their own country to second-class citizens, encourages Jews living in different countries around the world to come and settle in Israel based on them just being Jewish – making it an officially racist-fascist regime based on religion, worse than the racist Apartheid regime in South Africa.

Yet, for almost a century, social sciences recognized no alternative to the idea that secularization, in other words, becoming worldly, laicism is increasingly the more dominant ideology and lifestyle.

For example, very recently well-known sociologist Charles Taylor published his book, “A Secular Age,” which describes the world we live in. After taking this book and then U.S. policy on the Middle East and Israel into consideration, it is impossible not to get the impression that the incidents are happening at different times – as a matter of fact, in different worlds.

Israel is trying to follow step-by-step a program that is written or they believe to be written in the Torah, the Talmud. We say “they believe to be written,” because the ideological movement known as Zionism which includes declaring Israel as the Jewish state is, even if by the majority, what “some” Jews interpret from the sacred Jewish texts. There are even those among the Jews who think that sacred Jewish texts do not obligate such an ideology or political theology, as a matter of fact, that such an interpretation is a deviant coercion.

Of course, we are not the ones to decide about this. Surely non-Jews are not the ones to decide whether or not sacred Jewish texts command such a thing. Nobody has any business or need to talk about what true Judaism is, like they know it all.

But even though we cannot do this, we have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, the senses to experience the reality that this interpretation by some Jews is leading the world to an atmosphere of great chaos, terror, violence and that it oppresses humanity. We see that this interpretation is a historic reactionism, that they are taking the whole world backward to impose the tensions of their time on the entire world.

Muslims will not force anybody to live in their own times. Such Muslims have embraced migration as a form of being. Migration is to do what the present age requires, to follow time in the direction of its flow, not turn it back.

Just as Muslims have no claim to turn back to the conditions of 1,400 years ago, they are also not in efforts to “impose certain models they fantasize today” of 1,400 years ago on all.

Muslims’ claim and efforts are to implement the very fundamental, basic universal principles of Islam that can be practiced by all and that are absolutely beneficial for everybody in today’s conditions: Justice, freedom, human honor, rejection of people serving other humans slavishly.

The alternative of a world in which the powerful crush and oppress the weak does not require to regress 1,400 years: this is a principle that can be applied anywhere and anytime.

The justice principle can be applied anywhere and anytime: it does not require going back. Yet Zionism always requires retrogression.

Now, what Israel is doing today – with the clear and discourteous support of the U.S. and silent support of European countries – is a practice that goes back thousands of years beyond the world’s current historical context, scientific, intellectual and rational development. Try to read Israel’s bill by replacing every mention of the word “Jewish” with “Muslim” and “Jewish law” with “Islamic law.” What you will see is a complete Daesh terror state.

Almost all Muslims worldwide rejected Daesh because they found it contradictory to the fundamental principles, tone, texts, culture and history of Islam. Because Islam is not a Zionist religion. The name of the Zionist interpretation of Islam is Daesh.

Disregarding historical experience, ignoring culture, science, wisdom and purification, claiming that it can carry historical experience word-for-word to the present day or different locations with a shallow and bigoted interpretation of texts, is the summary of Zionism.

Zionism is dangerous and the U.S., which is the world’s super power, carrying this danger today makes it much more threatening.

*Yasin Aktay is a former member of the Turkish parliament and a leading figure of the ruling Justice and Development (AK Party) in Turkey. (Published in Yeni Şafak Turkish newspaper on 23 July, 2018)