A leaked letter from Essam Sultan on alleged reconciliation with the regime

There have been much talk about alleged reconciliation efforts between the regime and the Muslim Brotherhood, but soon they are denied by both parties

Every now and then, we hear about initiatives for reconciliation between the regime and the Muslim Brotherhood. Soon, the Brotherhood reject any talks with Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi who has built his legitimacy solely on ousting the Brotherhood and accusing them of terrorism. The Brotherhood argue that any reconciliation, on the part of Sisi, means sacrificing his legitimacy. Sisi would never initiate reconciliation unless his base of legitimacy shifted from ousting the Brotherhood to achieving significant social and economic goals, which is not likely. Also, the Brotherhood’s discourse against the regime has reached its peak, with no sign of the Islamist group’s engagement in a reconciliation process with the regime.

Recently, Al-Jazeera published a leaked letter from Wasat Party Vice President Essam Sultan, who is now in jail, in which he commented on the talk about reconciliation with the regime inside prison. Following are the salient points included in Sultan’s letter:
– The young people inside the prisons circulated an “unidentified” paper about reconciliation (with the regime). Those who sign the paper receive incentives and those who refuse to sign it are ill-treated.

– In addition to the usual torture programs, the visit was stopped permanently for all detainees, while food in the prison cafeteria was reduced and its price was raised exponentially upon instructions from unknown persons.

– Recently, the sewage level has reached two meters below the cells, suffocating us with its intolerable smells and mosquitoes. The prison administration has cut water for most of the day so that the sewerage level would not go up and reach the administration. When I suggested clean sewage pipes instead, my proposal was rejected

– During the past year there were much talk about an alleged reconciliation between the prison administration and a number of detainees. The rumours about reconciliation come from unidentified sources and soon they diavow them. However, the Muslim Brotherhood are indifferent to such rumours.

– Following statements attributed to, Imad Adib, a well-known media man close to the regime, on reconciliation, there were more talk anonymous messages which also received the same response from the Brotherhood (showing indifference).

– After Kamal al-Halbawi, a pro-regime politician who once was a Brotherhood member, announced his reconciliation initiative to resolve the crisis of Egypt’s political, economic, and terrorism crises, the situation worsened inside the prison and we are no longer able to sleep due to sewage water and mosquitos. I hope Mr. Hilbawi find a solution for this extremely bad situation instead.