Saudi Arabia and Iran: Two Pains in the Neck

By: Yusuf Kaplan*

Saudi Arabia “boiled over” the previous night. U.S. media suddenly spread coup rumours in the country.

To be honest, a “coup” did happen in the country, but it happened a while ago. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was placed in a position by the Jewish power in the U.S. to control everything in the country.

The axis in the country is changing: It is getting out of the control of the British and coming under the control of the Jews.

The British have used the Saudis as undertakers; the Jews are going to do the same. The role of the Undertaker is going to continue, but change disguise.

Beware of the charm offensive bin Salman

Two centuries ago, the British invented Wahhabism. Wahhabis were used to stop the Ottoman Empire.

In the last quarter century, they invented terrorist organizations by using neo-Salafism – which means to have no salaf (predecessor) – through Wahhabism, and hence, they aimed to stop Turkey (which has risen once again as the main actor of the Muslim world) through terror organizations and to associate terrorism with Islam by spreading the khawarij mentality in the Muslim world in waves through the Saudis and thwart Islam’s objection to the global system in this way.

This process has largely been completed, but it is going to be continued under-handedly.

The new period process shows that the Saudis will, this time, be used by the Jews as an undertaker in the “moderate Islam” project.

They forwarded this job to the “mushroom” called bin Salman.

Bin Salman first sold out Jerusalem, and now, he is positioned to play a key role in the process of stopping Turkey.

Bin Salman is a very dangerous, soulless, unconcerned man: He made a three-week U.S. visit. He met with all the deep forces in the U.S.

The Time magazine published this three-week visit on its cover. Time published the cover with the title, “Charm Offensive.”

Karl Vick, who prepared the cover, used the subtitle, “The Saudi Crown Prince Thinks He Can Transform the Middle East,” for the article.

The article ended with a sentence that confirms what I said to this point: “What’s new in the Middle East? Two words: Saudi Arabia.”

So, what is new about Saudi Arabia?

The role of undertaker that has changed disguise of course: The mushroom man paints in glowing colours in the Time article of how he is going to carry out the role of undertaker for the moderate Islam project.

A guide to understanding the complex problems

The point that needs to be underlined here is: The “Middle East” is due for new tremors, new transformations.

It is very difficult at first glance to understand who is dancing with whom, and what kind of deals they are after.

But looking at everything by taking a deep breath and with a certain history philosophy, it might become easier to decipher any likely developments.

Let’s make a few determinations that will open our minds and make it easier to grasp what is happening.

First, the Muslim world has been enslaved for two centuries; it is not independent. Therefore, expecting the Islamic world to stand on its own feet, take independent decisions, step into a joint adventure – at least in the short and medium terms – is not knowing the historical incidents, the burning truths taking place regionally and globally.

Second, for this reason, we need to know well that Western imperialists are going to develop strategies to further delay the Muslim world from picking itself up.

Third, the West brought China, India and Japan into line in every aspect, but despite presenting a divided appearance, they could not do this for the Islamic world. They fossilized Confucianism, Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Shintoism, which form the spiritual basis of China, India and Japan, but they could not do the same to Islam.

Fourth, the West knows really well that Turkey is the one that is going to unite the Muslim world and get it up on its feet again with a civilization claim.

Hence, regardless of how, they are making a great effort to siege and stop Turkey, and they are aware that Turkey’s force that will pull together the Muslim world is hidden in reactivating the Ahlussunnah backbone that was founded with the Seljuks, Ayyubids and Ottomans.

This is where the moment of truth comes into play.

Pakistan and Egypt, two of the trivets of the Ahlussunnah backbone, were castrated, put to sleep for this.

Turkey was isolated.

And in this process, Iran and Saudi Arabia, are constantly being pushed to the stage as the two actors that will shape the destiny of the Muslim world.

The idea that the Saudis represent the Ahlussunnah is being enrooted; the Saudis are being pitted against Iran.

A complete blackout operation is being carried out here: Iran is being dragged into the position of the victim and the path is constantly being paved for Iran.

There are two aims here. The first is to invent a fake Sunni-Shiite clash and thus enable Iran to settle into the Muslim world and legitimize it. Iran was not placed into Syria, Lebanon, the Gulf region, Yemen and primarily into Iraq for nothing, right?

The second aim is, in the short and medium terms, to deactivate Turkey, and in the long term, to get Iran and Turkey to clash.

The goal is to stop the emergence of a Turkey that will unite the entire Muslim world

Turkey saw this game and thwarted it through a strategic alliance with Russia and Iran.

But in the short and medium terms, another preparation is being made to stop Turkey, which is going to get the Muslim world back up on its feet in the medium and long terms: Provoke the Arabs against Turkey and sever Turkey’s ties with the Arabs.

In short, the destiny of the Muslim world and, hence, the shape the global system will take in the long term, is going to be determined by Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Egypt, which functioned as the Arab world’s locomotive until recently, is not going to take place in this frame – at least for a certain period of time.

Egypt has been put to sleep; it is in a coma. Egypt is wanted to be “kept in the coma,” and it appears this is what has been decided.

The lords of the global system want to shape the destiny of the Muslim world through two superficial actors, two pains in the neck – i.e. Iran and Saudi Arabia – and by inventing superficial conflicts.

This is no conspiracy. They are the painful and burning truths that we are going through.

We are the only ones that can ruin these plans. This is clear now.

But which “we”?

A Turkey that has taken care of its internal problems; a Turkey that has started to activate its civilization claims in every area, primarily education, including the fields of ideology, art, culture, urbanism and strategy, a Turkey that is going to break wave and make a wave.

Therefore, we have to stop focusing on one another and focus on the burning issue of, “how we can eliminate the dangers approaching us, together.”

* Yusuf Kaplan is a Turkish writer and journalist.

(Published in Yeni Şafak Turkish newspaper on April 23, 2018)