MBS Believes He Will Rule For 50 Years … Death Only Will Stop Him, He Says

After the mass crackdown Mohamed Bin Selman exercised against top figures in the Saudi kingdom including sons of previous king Abdullah and family member like AL-Waleed Bin Talal, in a recent interview with CBSNews, MBS says he was able to collect 100 Bn. $, without trails while locking them in the well-known luxurious Ritz hotel. “The target was not the money, it was to send a message that all illegal and malpractices will be faced “

Very interesting words from the young crown prince who have just bought a fancy boat worth of 500 million dollars and through a façade bought another painting worth of another 300 million dollars.

The young prince seems very confident that internally he has a grip over the country including its religious institute, as well as the economy and recently the royal family, his message to all is clear, his first partner is using the stick, and there is no carrot in the equation. The use of media is portraying MBS as the leader of the 4th rebirth of Bin Saud family, who has got a vision, liberal, feminist and can buy international consensus up to the white house. Reports have even indicated that both Mohamed Bin Zayed and Mohamed bin Selman have contributed to the firing of the US secretary of State “Rex Tillerson” after he showed a balanced position in the conflict against Qatar and advised to end the boycott and embargo MBS and MBZ are leading against the small yet rich neighboring country.

“The kingdom is very rich, and we hope the crown prince will be giving us some of this wealth in the form of investment and buying our weapons, which are the top in the world” Trump said while meeting days ago MBS in the white house, a tone that never happened that way from an American official not to mention a president. A top advisor to MBS tweeted “It is better to deal with Trump as a businessman, we in gulf knows very well how to sell and buy” AbdelKhalik Abdullah tweeted. The support MBS is getting from Trump is reinforcing MBS grip over power, while he believes he is receiving a king reception from all who receives him recently, like May of Britain, Trump and his ally in Egypt, Al-Sisi. All are after his blessing to give them part of the cake, whether throwing investment or buying weapons, regardless all human right reports about the breach of international law by killing thousands in Yemen, where MBS is launching almost 3 years war with Huthi militia without being able to achieve success, rather, Houthi were able to rocket many places inside Riyadh, the capital itself.

The Arab peninsula is not the one we knew, neither it will be in the seen future. A wild spirit, ruling against norms, zero accountability and transparency, all factors raise questions about stability in the region and how far can locals remain silent. MBS believes he will stay in power for 50 years, and only death will stop him. Corridor talks that till now there were two trials to assassinate him from family members. A family that is known to have a very bloody history among each others decades ago.