Egypt Condemns the Turkish Intervention in the City of Afrin Calling it ‘Occupation’ !!

Egypt’s foreign ministry on Sunday expressed condemnation of Turkey’s military intervention in Afrin, , saying it constitutes a “fresh violation of Syrian sovereignty.”!!

Turkey’s army said it shelled shelters and hideouts used by militants in the area on Friday and Saturday, as Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan vowed to wipe out “terrorists” in the region.

The Turkish government has accused the Syrian Kurdish forces which control Afrin to be connected to the terrorist organization “PKK”.

The attacks “undermine the existing efforts for political solutions and counter-terrorism efforts in Syria,” the Egyptian ministry added in a statement published on its Facebook page.

The ministry reiterated Cairo’s firm position rejecting military solutions to Syria’s nearly seven-year civil war, which it said would add to the suffering of the Syrian people.

The ministry renewed its call for serious negotiations towards a “comprehensive and objective political process” that includes all parties.

On January 20, Turkey launched the “Operation Olive Branch” military operation in Afrin to clear the city from the Syrian-Kurdish terrorist YPG militia.


This just a continuation of the increasing hostility between Egypt and Turkey. Egypt as a close ally of Saudi arabia view the Qatar-Turkey axis negatively . Also Turkey is increasing its presence in Eastern Africa, which is viewed by Egypt as their historical backyard. And add to that the clashes for the Med gaz fields.