Column: Mr. Prince, this call is for you: You can’t protect the Kaaba with those who occupied Jerusalem!

BY: İbrahim Karagül*

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the U.S. established an “anti-Turkey front.” Even though it seems like it is targeting Iran, the country which the new axis is openly positioning itself against is Turkey. Their main goal is to stop Turkey. They are trying every kind of method to weaken Turkey’s hand, from Syria to every corner of the region.

We know the UAE, its problems, that Mohammed bin Zayed provides weapons and financial support to terrorist organizations against Turkey, that he was behind the July 15, 2016 attack, that he made agreements with the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) and drowned them in money, and when this did not work, we know that the Dec. 17-25 file was opened, that his enmity toward Turkey and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has now reached the point of a disease.

Plans of the century are in the making; the Arab world is being pillaged

But we have words to openly say to Saudi Arabia, to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, to the emir who is standing on the anti-Turkey axis and who supports anything that is against our country.

Dear prince,

The plans of the century are being made in our region. The biggest invasion and attacks since World War I are being tested. Countries are being divided, false threats are being invented, upon which fronts are being formed, civil wars are being waged and Arab lands are being pillaged.

Three decades ago, the Arab-Iranian border was Iraq’s eastern border. You supported the 1991 Gulf War and allowed the 2003 invasion of Iraq. The Arab-Iranian border drew back all the way to the Iraq-Syria border. To be honest, this happened because of you. The U.S. and U.K., which you rely on, devastated this country and handed it over to Iran.

Wherever there is chaos and clashes from Yemen to Syria, from Libya to Iraq, they are all on Arab territory. Those who did this this are the U.S., Israel and the U.K., with whom you formed an “axis” today. At this rate, Arab borders are going to withdraw all the way back to the Mediterranean. Those borders are going to reach your borders.

Those who pitted you against Iran are plotting a great trap for you

Dear prince,

You can be sure that the next land to be divided after this is, again, Arab lands. Your countries are our region. It is our people who are being dragged into disaster; the cities that will be destroyed are ours. From now on, the Persian Gulf included, Saudi Arabia included, it will be Arab territory that is pillaged. These countries are going to be destroyed by Israel and the U.S., with which you are currently in cooperation.

A greater trap has been set up against you, open your eyes.

Mr. Prince, this is the 21st century deal, distribution and showdown. We will remain standing, but you can’t – not with this attitude or policies.

Those who pitted you against Iran did nothing to Iran for three decades; they gifted it countries, but they constantly pushed you and your relatives to war, and it was always you and your relatives who lost Mr. Prince!

Don’t you ever read, why is and how is the non-Arab Muslim world rising while the Arab world is collapsing? It is gaining power politically, economically and militarily. Whoever is able to escape the tutelage order that was established after World War I is the one that rises.

It will be your most strategic blindness

Dear Prince,

Standing against Turkey, taking an anti-Turkey attitude on behalf of the U.S. and Israel, targeting Turkey for Mohammed bin Zayed is going to win you nothing, but it will make you lose a lot. Refusing Turkey’s hand of friendship will leave you without support and defense on these lands too tomorrow.

Do not support the evil movements targeting Turkey. Do not surrender to Mohammed bin Zayed’s terror agenda; the day will come when you will lose; look at the current state of the region, try to see its future and you will understand this.

If you place Turkey and Iran on the same target board, you are going to experience the greatest strategic blindness of your life. You cannot gain anything or get anywhere in this region through anti-Turkey sentiment.

You cannot protect the Kaaba with those who occupied Jerusalem

We supported you in your showdown with Iran. We too were concerned about Tehran sieging Saudi Arabia. We saw this as a Persian invasion map. But Mr. Prince, you are confusing the facts. You are confusing the historical and geographical facts. Those who are trying to push you under Israel’s protection against Iran and those threatening you with Iran are the same countries, the same powers; they are your friends, your allies.

You cannot stand up against these threats, protect your country, fight against the new waves of invasion targeting the region with the U.S., with Israel and the capital cities pointed out to you. You cannot protect the Kaaba, Mecca and Medina with those who have invaded Jerusalem, who have taken it hostage, Mr. Prince.

The Muslim world is being pushed out of history, see this!

You cannot administrate a state, guarantee the Gulf’s security based on the priorities of Israeli intelligence. You cannot protect Muslims under the protection of the Jewish lobby, Mr. Prince.

Your friend Mohammed bin Zayed is currently and openly providing arms and money to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and is supporting Turkey’s besiegement. On July 15, he took place beside the severest foreign intervention in this country’s history. We know that he supported those who sprayed bullets on our people, who bombed our Parliament, who crushed our people with tanks. We know that he is still the same; he is still pursuing new evil projects and still targeting Turkey through terrorism and dirty relations.

Mr. Prince, not only your country, but the region is being invaded. The Muslim world is being pushed outside history, not only you. Those who are doing this are your current friends, partners. The Muslim world knows this, it is aware of this, you should know it too.

This path will lead your country to suicide Mr. Prince

Mr. Prince, we are resisting against Western invasion today as we have been doing so throughout history. We are fighting not only for Turkey but for the region. Your attitude today in a showdown like this will not be forgotten; this nation will not forget. Take note of this.

We established the Turkey-Israel axis and a while later, we noticed that this axis was striking our homeland, our people and region. Now, you are progressing along the same path. You are trying to secure yourself through this. You are repeating the things we did.

A while later, you too will see that your country will be the country that they really want to destroy. The West’s center countries’ guarantee for power was the 20th century plan and that era is now over. There is now a world that the West cannot administrate on its own. As this is the case, becoming dependent on U.S.-Israeli intelligence is suicide Mr. Prince.

You are going to need Turkey; you will understand in a couple of years

Mr. Emir,

Somehow, we found a way out of the centuries of chaos, depression and tensions. We are on the home stretch, we remained standing; we have such an experience and political gene. We have been marching this way for a thousand years, we have been fighting in this region for a thousand years. We will find a way again. We are going to continue on our path again. Whether you object or not, whether you are a friend or not, we are going to walk that path again. We are going to remain standing even if it kills us.

But you cannot remain standing by seeking refuge in those who are plundering the entire region; you will not. Your country is the one they are targeting today, not Iran, against which they are provoking you. You are the one they want to destroy. The lands they want to soak in blood is Arab territory Mr. Prince.

They want to strike the final blow on Islam and Muslims in Mecca and Medina. They don’t want us to be able to lift our heads from the shame. This is the aim of the new “axis” they established with you; you must understand.

You need Turkey, you cannot do without Turkey. You will come to understand this in a few years, Mr. Prince.

*Ibrahim Karagül is a Turkish writer and journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper.

(Published in Yeni Şafak Turkish newspaper on March 7, 2018)