PKK/YPG fighters disguise themselves as civilians to attack on Turkey

Drones captured footage of terrorists dressed as civilians launching attacks on Turkey, before being neutralized by the Turkish army

Drone footage shows YPG/PKK terrorists conducting attacks targeting Turkey from residential areas in Syria’s Afrin in an attempt to protect themselves from air and artillery strikes. To date, seven civilians have been killed and 113 others were wounded in terror attacks targeting Turkey’s border areas of Hatay, Reyhanlı and Kilis.

Footage captured in a village on the outskirts of Syria’s Jandaris, west of Afrin, shows three terrorists in civilian clothing gathered around a flak gun fitted vehicle. Another vehicle equipped with an anti-aircraft weapon approaches the terrorists.

The terrorists launched an attack after positioning the flak-gun-fitted vehicle to face Turkey before quickly fleeing the area.

They returned to the YPG/PKK base shortly, and it is seen that there are other terrorists at the base. The terrorists burn tires in order to shield themselves from being filmed.

The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) struck the YPG/PKK base as part of Operation Olive Branch.