Israeli settlers kill unarmed Palestinian in village near Nablus

Palestinian farmer Mahmoud Oudeh, a 48-year-old from Qusra village, is killed by settlers while tending his field, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

An unarmed Palestinian farmer was killed by Israeli settlers, reported MME citing Palestinian Health Ministry. Mahmoud Oudeh, a 48-year-old from Qusra village south of the city of Nablus, was killed while he was tending his field.

Israeli settlers stormed Qusra village and trespassed on Oudeh’s field near Ras Al-Nakhel, before shooting him and injuring another Palestinian, according to Quds News Network.

Translation: Mahmoud Za’al Oudeh aka Abu A’wad, 48 years old, killed today by an Israeli settler in Qusra village south of Nablus while tending his field.

A military statement by the Israeli army claimed that “rocks were thrown by Palestinians at a group of hikers near the village of Qusra; one of the settlers opened fire at the Palestinians.”

Footage circulated on social media shows the Israeli army barring Palestinians from reaching the location where Oudeh was killed. A confrontation between Palestinian youth and the Israeli soldiers started after the killing of Oudeh.

Translation: Palestinian youth throwing stones at the Israeli occupation forces in Qusra village near Nablus where a man was killed

Six thousand Palestinians live in Qusra village which is surrounded by three Israeli settlements, Migdalim (to the east), Esh Kodesh (south east) and Ehia (south).

According to the Oslo Accords of 1993, Qusra was designated as Area B under Palestinian and Israeli control, while the lands and fields of the village were designated as Area C which is under full Israeli military and civil control.

Palestinian farmers from Qusra struggle with the Israeli army and settlers whenever they want to reach their fields to tend them.