Egypt prevents Algerian aid convoy from entering Gaza

Egyptian authorities have prevented an Algerian humanitarian aid convoy from entering the Gaza Strip through the Rafah Crossing, a Palestinian NGO revealed on Friday.

The NGO said the Egyptian decision to prevent the entry of the Algerian humanitarian convoy to Gaza is sad and unfortunate and does not reflect the positive spirit that recently dominated relations.

According to Palestinian sources, the Algerian convoy was denied entry despite having all the required credentials and documents, noting that the convoy is currently in its way back to Algeria.

The Palestinian NGO said that the convoy was carrying medicines, medical disposals, electricity generators and other equipment urgently needed for Gaza’s hospitals.

Last Tuesday, Sheikh Yahya Sari, head of the relief department of the Algerian Scholar’s Association, announced the launch of the convoy. He noted that it included 14 truckloads of aid and five members from the association’s relief department.

Sari said that they obtained all the documents and Egypt’s agreement to deliver the aid to the Gaza Strip.

The Egyptian authorities opened the crossing from Monday to Thursday on both sides for the exit of the pilgrims and patients seeking treatment abroad.

The Rafah Crossing, which is the main Gaza opening to the world, has been completely closed since July 2013. On a few rare occasions it was opened for a couple of days to allow hundreds of stranded Gazans travel in and out. Prior to this week’s opening, the last time it opened was five months ago.