Column: Will they set their sights on Hatay too?

İbrahim KaragülBY: İbrahim Karagül*

I am only trying, to the best of my ability, to draw attention to some things, to warn  what the map drafts which will be placed in front of us might be. As a matter of fact, I want to open to debate not the present but the future, I want to put forth how today’s probabilities will reflect tomorrow’s Turkey.

Stalling for time: A meticulously designed plan

In the last three decades, “stalling for time” has always been the most effective policy against Turkey. Generally, results were achievedand Turkey was always the losing side. A meticulously planned strategy, step-by-step, was brought to today, while looking at Turkey in the face. Every stage of the plan brought war and destruction even closer to Turkey. And generally, this policy was promoted through Turkey’s neglect, through the internal circles of betrayal.

These circles of betrayal assumed very serious roles in the traps set up against Turkey. This role was at times assumed by leftists, ethnic circles and conservative circlesPolitical identity was never determining in terms of the role assumed. Those who brought this war all the way to our door, who redesigned the region and tried to leave us defenseless, have always managed to do business with every internal circle.

They have new maps drafted for Turkey as well

Yet, we come from a political climate, cultivation  which knows that Istanbul’s defense starts from BosniaAnatolia’s defense starts from DamascusBaghdad or Damascus’s defense starts from Çanakkale. We, who experienced a major destruction like World War I, possess political genetics that has grasped that period’s terrifying power to teach.

We are a nation that knows the sort of huge destruction the smallest neglect can lead to – especially in our region. We are not a country to just sit and surrender to new maps as the 21st century’s global power map is being reshaped, as the status quo in our region is being reformed, and new maps are being reshaped. Because we need to understand that waiting, surrendering would be Turkey’s collapse, it would be surrendering to the reshaping of Turkey’s map as well.

A secret hand over national will

Let’s briefly refresh our memory: In 1991, during the Gulf war, the U.S. army came all the way to Baghdad. But they did not topple Saddam Hussein. They could have, had they wanted to; but they did not. Because the regional equation was not suitable. The plan was not Iraq alone, it was the region in general. They did this in 2003. They formed the status quo in northern Iraq. But they did not give them independency. Why? Because the regional equation was not suitable.

This would be possible only after the Syria war started. That’s what they waited for. Back then, we, Turkey voted on and approved an “Operation Provide Comfort” in Parliament once every six months. Regardless of the political rule, nobody object to this. A hand above the national will made the decisions and saw them through.

PKK won in Syria, who is the top will?

The Syrian war, or to put it more correctly, Syria’s division, begun. If you noticed, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) was the only one to win in this warThe country’s north, Arab and Turkmen regions have been completely transferred to the PKK’s Syrian offshoot, the Democratic Union Party (PYD). Similar to Iraq, the game in Syria was also set on keeping Turkey occupied. The map was gradually being shaped.

The unpreventable regional design continued by the hand of the U.S., U.K. and Israel. Very little is left for the completion of the map spanning the Iranian border and Mediterranean coast. The moment Idlib is taken under control by the U.S., that map will be complete.

They are going to spread that war into Anatolia 

So why are we disturbed by this map? Because this zone is the zone to close in on, to siege Turkey. A complete enemy line is being built along our country’s southern border. The greatest thesis for Turkey is the plan to confine it within the borders of Anatolia once again and, in the next step, to spread the war into Anatolia.

They are doing this right now, staring us in the eye, and we are not making a sound. They are taking this country’s future hostage, trying to destroy it; they are trying to transform our rise, again after a hundred years, into a disaster like this. Are we still unaware of this?

Those saying ‘Don’t go to war’ are in on this game

Breaking this zone would be to save Turkey’s future. The majority of those who tell Turkey “don’t go to war” today, are the internal promoters of the project in question, they are those who have assumed a role in spreading the war inside Turkey.

A deep will, an invisible hand is playing with Turkey’s fate. The will in question is not the PKK will or mind, but an imperial project. Through this, they want to reach the same result they aimed for in the treachery on July 15, 2016.

The future of a state that receives crisis, threats and war at its borders is in danger. Because a while later, even the concrete walls we erect on those borders will not create security, the war will be spread inside Anatolia. When I said, “Are they going to take Hatay too?” in the headline, I tried to draw attention to their “conjuncture creation” tactics ongoing since 1991. It is likely that they will create a situation in which we discuss even this possibility. 

Who are the representatives of that secret hand on the inside?

What kind of operation is that secret hand internally carrying out, how is it sabotaging the state mind, how does it render Turkey inactive, from which security concept is it taking action, and what kind of new distraction tactics does it prepare?

What kind of operation is that secret hand, that circle, the hand that replaced the Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ) after, carrying out inside the country? Who are the legs of the operation, the U.S. is conducting in Syria for the map in question, in Turkey? Is there really such a thing, and, if so, have we been able to grasp what kind of threat it is? Were we able to see the how close and big the danger was? 

I really want to be wrong

We have no choice but to intervene in Afrin, to close the Mediterranean door of the zone in question. The issue is no longer a Syria issue, but a Turkey issue. Unless that zone is broken, we should be ready to face a hundreds of kilometers long “Turkey front.”

I am only sharing my concerns, trying to convey what I see. We will together see the kind of scenario those blinding Turkey against this threat will be involved in before 2019.

When saying “Will they take Hatay too?” to draw attention, I am simply trying to warn, in my own way, that they will not wait too longto spread the war inside Turkey.

I hope I am wrong.