Mufti of Egypt Permits spending  Zakat Funds on Army and Police

Egypt’s Grand Mufti has issued a new Fatwa that permits spending the Zakat funds on the Army and Police forces

In a provocative fatwa that has sparked the anger and derision on social networking sites, the mufti of Egypt, Shawki Allam, allowed Zakat funds to be spent on security forces who are fighting terrorism.

Allam said in his interview during the “Mufti Dialogue” program, broadcast on ON Live channel, that “the old scholars interpreted ‘money for God’ as spending Zakat money on weapons and soldiers fighting enemies, and this is a security struggle, along with the intellectual confrontation of extremism.”

Translation: On the footsteps of his president -the thief- Egypt’s Mufti justifies the theft of Zakat Funds under the pretext of countering terrorism.