Column: Have the Emir and Dahlan’s new terror teams infiltrated Turkey?

İbrahim KaragülBY: İbrahim Karagül*

We have identified him as “the assassin of the Middle East“. Today, he has left his signature on many covert operations, unsolved murders, and terrorist organizations across the region.

He carries out the dirty work of foreign powers, subcontracts intelligence networks, and extends everywhere from Sudan to Syria, from Palestine to the Persian Gulf and Turkey. He launders money, organizes the financing of terrorism, namely manages that traffic, takes part in regime switching projects in the region, and all anti-Turkey operations such as the July 15 invasion and civil war attempt.

They were the ones who poisoned and killed Arafat.

If we ask who is at the center of regional terrorism today, the first person who will come to mind is Mohammad Dahlan.

Since Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat was poisoned and killed, I have attempted to follow Dahlan closely. The first regime switching project was implemented in Palestine, first of all Arafat was immobilized. Israeli intelligence and Dahlan’s men entered Arafat’s home and shot his bodyguards execution style.

Arafat was under threat because, when he was there, Israel’s demands in Palestine could not be fully implemented. The first terror bid Dahlan had received was probably the immobilization of Arafat. He collaborated with Ariel Sharon, and poisoned Arafat who died after a long period of illness.

Intelligence center gave everything away

Dahlan participated in the first attempt to invade Gaza and overthrow Hamas. But Hamas acted early and took control in Gaza. There, Dahlan’s intelligence center was uncovered, and horrible truths surfaced. Countless documents regarding the relations between Dahlan, the Israeli intelligence and Egyptian intelligence were discovered.

The Israeli attack on Gaza was carried out with the support of Dahlan and the Egyptian intelligence. Massacres in Gaza were carried out by Israel, Egypt and Dahlan, guns were blatantly shipped, and U.S. Special Forces were simultaneously carrying out covert operations. Projects were being actualized with the blood of the Palestinians, and a horrible slaughter was conducted.

Confidential meetings and assassinations on Ariel Sharon’s farm

When you grasp these dark associations that is when the history of the region becomes clear. For example, after a secret meeting on Ariel Sharon’s ranch, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was killed by a missile during the morning prayer, and then Hamas leaders were assassinated one after the other.

I wonder how the person who had those secret meetings now feels. In which secret meeting was the current fate of Masjid al-Aqsa decided? Who participated in that meeting, what sort of dirty and bloody partnership was established?

Directly responsible for July 15

Dahlan is one of the figures behind the July 15 attack on Turkey. In other words, he is a subcontractor, namely he has gotten a new bid meaning his masters have given him new tasks. He played his role in the global project to overthrow Erdoğan and the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), took part in the funding of the coup plotters in Turkey, prepared for this for months and held meetings. In this regard, Dahlan is one of those directly responsible for the July 15 attacks.

Have the Emir’s assassins infiltrated Turkey?

On July 18, 2017, the article titled “The Emir’s Assassins,” which I had previously written, informed of a new situation and opened Dahlan’s new crime file. Although it did not attract enough attention, it is a formidable situation and cannot be underestimated that Dahlan has had men infiltrated into Daesh, and formed units within the organization, thus he has created a new terror equation in the region.

What is the impact of this new terror network on Turkey? How many of the terrorist teams and assassination squads of Dahlan have infiltrated our country and what kind of attack preparations have they made? Was this a new wave after July 15 and in which multinational operation did it have a part?

But Dahlan was a hitmanHis boss was the Chief of the General Staff of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Mohammad bin Zayed Al-Nahyan. The main character of all the dirty operations in the region was Mohammad bin Zayed. He carried out open Turkophobia, funded all the persons who were anti-Turkey from Egypt to Armenia and owned new terror teams in Daesh. Dahlan’s strings were being pulled by this individual.

Masjid al-Aqsa crisis, the product of this evil network

The last Qatar crisis was their doing. They were the ones who deceived Saudi Arabia, put it in serious jeopardy, and turned the Persian Gulf into an area of conflict. Mohammed bin Zayed was the central character of all these operations and the one who carried out jobs for Western intelligence services.

The latest Masjid al-Aqsa crisis was “probably” part of a collaboration between them and the Israeli intelligence. They were preparing to attack Gaza, planning to change the Palestinian government and to bring Dahlan to power in Gaza, aiming to wipe Hamas off the map, and preparing all kinds of infrastructure, including military units, to this end.

A new terror camp, Turkey one of the targets

A news report related to this new scenario has been published in today’sYeni Şafak. The article, prepared by Yılmaz Bilgen, speaks of a new military mobility and a terrorist training center in the Sinai Peninsula. Once again, we have Dahlan at the head of it and Zayed behind it.

It is stated that hundreds of people are being trained under the name of Daesh; that they will attack Gaza, and then the environment for the implementation of Israel and Dahlan’s scenario will have been prepared. Allegedly, some of the trainees in the Sinai terrorist camp will be used in provocative attacks in Turkey and Qatar.

They will smother the region with terror! 

In fact, we are talking about a very dangerous development here. It is clear that Dahlan and Mohammed bin Zayed form terror and assassination teams in Daesh and dispatch some of them to Turkey; however they are not satisfied with this. They established a special terror training camp in Sinai with el-Sisi, they will initiate the covert operations that will affect the whole region and one of the main targets of these attacks, just one of several countries, will be Turkey.

Do you know to what end all of this is being done? So that Western armies can occupy new countries; so that several more civil wars after Syria will break out; so that new fronts will be opened for Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iranand for many new cities to fall into ruin within the context of “war on terror”.

A colossal danger, a huge betrayal

All this is being done to cause multinational attacks and wars in the heart of Islam and that of Muslims.

A huge scenario, a huge betrayal, a huge danger.

Mohammed Dahlan and Mohammed bin Zayed are the two managers of the multinational terrorist devices deployed in the region and two internal invaders of this multinational occupation. They will be deemed responsible for every terrorist attack from now on and the relationship between them and their Western masters will be targeted.

Turkey should be vigilant regarding this approaching danger. The UAE must clearly be held responsible for the financing and organization of terror.

*Ibrahim Karagül is a Turkish writer and journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper. (Published in Yeni Şafak Turkish newspaper on July 26, 2017)