Column: Watch out for the trap! Al-Aqsa’s wrath will be severe

İbrahim KaragülBY: İbrahim Karagül*

The crisis occurring by the means al-Aqsa, aiming to provoke the Muslim world, is a very well-planned crisis whose consequences were well-calculated. If Israel, who previously killed and martyred Palestinian children in the middle of the streets, claiming “they have knives,” establishing the infrastructure of things since then, is carrying out most serious attacks targeting al-Aqsa since 1969, raining bullets over people at the holy site, preventing visits and the congregational Friday prayers, the plan here is much beyond the Palestinians; it is targeting the entire region, as a matter of fact, it is targeting the Muslim world.

Israeli administration caught a new conjuncture

The regional chaos caused by the Syrian war, new division maps in the works by the U.S. through the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), multinational attempts aimed at spreading the war beyond Syria, the regional tension and void caused by the Gulf crisis targeting Qatar, increased Israel’s radius of action and established a new conjuncture for them.

The complete invasion of Jerusalem will bring about the obliteration of Palestinian existence, along with fresh Gaza attacks. It has been calculated that Muslim countries will not be able to display a clear, determined and effective attitude because of clashes and conflicts among themselves.

The Islamic Organization for Cooperation (IOC) was founded in 1969 upon Masjid al-Aqsa’s being set on fire. It was, in a sense, founded to protect al-Aqsa. These days, it neither has such a spirit, nor strength, nor unity. Some countries have an overpowering effect, a deterrent effect alone. Yet in the last decade, the region’s sanction power has also weakened.

Israel’s plan to get ‘Golan’ to accept occupation

The plan to divide the entire region through Syria being initiated gave Israel the opportunity to do as it wishes. The question, “Why was Israel silent throughout the Syrian crisis?” is being answered these days.
The Tel Aviv administration is going to both augment the Jerusalem crisis and reattack Gaza to force the countries in the region to remain silent in the face of the invasion of a part of Syria. Looking at it from this aspect, we can predict that the Aqsa crisis is going to grow and then, soon after, Israel will attack Gaza.
That’s not all; there are other possibilities we need to consider.

UAE and Egypt will target Gaza by cooperating with Israel

Perhaps the latest and most effective reason activating Israel in relation to Aqsa is the crisis in the Persian Gulf targeting Qatar. The Qatar crisis that resulted almost in the division of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), triggered by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt, and which tricked Saudi Arabia, dragged the Arab world into a new internal division. The close cooperation of the UAE, which escalated the crisis, with Israel, as a matter of fact, their partnership, Egypt’s intelligence partnership with Israel, shows Saudi Arabia to be on the same front as Israel.

There are serious allegations that the UAE and Egyptian administrations have, in agreement with Israel, been preparing for new attacks in Gaza; that they are trying to topple the Hamas administration and have a regional hitman like Muhammad Dahlan at the head of Gaza, and that military units are being formed for this purpose.

This wrath will target Saudi Arabia

If massacres in Aqsa increase, if Muslims’ first kiblah (direction of prayer facing the Kaaba) are faced with heavy insults by Israel and is, as a matter of fact, closed off to Muslims, a frenzy and indignation will break out in the Arab streets. It is right that at when this time comes the UAE, Egypt and Saudi Arabia are going to find it difficult to have an open attitude toward Israel. The wrath caused by Israel is going to turn largely toward Saudi Arabia.

Dirty partnership between Israel, Egypt, Muhammad Dahlan and the UAE

Israeli intelligence, the Egyptian junta administration, Muhammad Dahlan and his boss, UAE chief of General Staff, and Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Muhammad bin Zayed al Nahyan are setting an atrocious trap in the entire region.

All these forces, also behind the July 15, 2016 coup attempt, supporting and funding it, can continue to try and weaken Turkey’s influence on the region, they can continue to try and cause trouble for Turkey by invading Gaza, they can target everybody in cooperation with Turkey, but at the end of the day they are pointing the gun at Saudi Arabia.

The wrath of Aqsa will be severe

It is this partnership, this dirty partnership that is responsible for the external interventions targeting the entire region. If things get worse and they are unable to achieve their goal, if a wrath similar to the Arab Spring rises, we will see who will protect them.

Israel is the one that will win in any situation. Israel is the one that set the game and is using contractors – at the cost of a new Gaza massacre and the destruction of Masjid al-Aqsa.

But the price of the wrath of Aqsa is going to be extremely severe. We will soon see who is going to pay the price.

The UAE, Egypt and Dahlan sold out Masjid al-Aqsa.
And they sold it out to Israel, blatantly.

*Ibrahim Karagül is a Turkish writer and journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper. (Published in Yeni Şafak Turkish newspaper on July 20, 2017)