Egypt’s pro-regime media attack American policy towards Qatar, say U.S. is Qatar’s partner

The Egyptian pro-regime media have launched a severe campaign against the United States for its efforts to end the Qatar-Gulf rift and accused it of being Qatar’s partner in its policies.

Amr Adib: ‘Qatar is moving under U.S. auspices .. Do not fool us’

In his program on ON-E TV, which is closely related to the Egyptian intelligence, Amr Adib, a pro-Sisi TV presenter, commented on Qatar’s signing of an agreement with the United States to combat terrorism financing.

Adib said, “I want to tell you something about America and let’s talk frankly. Was Qatar doing much of what it did without the knowledge and patronage of the United States? Why do we suddenly say that the Americans are playing a mediating role in resolving the crisis with Qatar? In fact, Americans are not mediators. The United States has been a partner of Qatar and used to work side by side with the Qataris in many things.”

Gaber Qarmouti: America follows the road bullies policy of “Pay to Pass”

Another media man who is close to the regime, Gaber Al-Qarmouti, also attacked the U.S. efforts to end the Qatar-Gulf rift, and criticized the U.S. for its foreign policy regarding the Qatar-Gulf crisis. Reviewing an article on the Qatari crisis by Mohamed Abul Fadhl in Al-Ahram, a government-owned newspaper, Qarmouti said that the United States has been involved in supporting extremist organizations over the last years, which is considered one of the pivotal obstacles in the way of combating terrorism worldwide. Indirectly accusing the United States of being bribed by Qatar to end its crisis, Al-Qarmouti said, “The U.S. follows one of the policies of road bullies i.e. ‘Pay and Pass’, which means that you must pay a certain amount of money in order to be able to pass on the road,” Al-Qarmouti said commenting on the U.S.  mediation to end the Qatar-Gulf rift.

Jaber al-Qarmouti said that the United States of America is now relying on the policy of “Pay in order to pass” (one of the well-known characteristics of bullying gangs).

Moreover, Al-Qarmouti took some money out of his pocket, saying “This is America’s policy today… This issue is worth a certain sum of money, then you must pay it first in order to handle it for you.”

Al-Qarmooti heavily ridiculed the US administration during his program, “The Last Day” on Al-Nahar pro-regime TV, by taking 200 Egyptian pounds out of his pocket and saying: “This is 200 Egyptian pounds which  is sufficient enough for the United States (to offer its support to you)!”