Pro-Sisi TV presenter calls on Egyptians in Qatar to protest Al-Jazeera and topple Qatari regime

Ahmed Mousa, a pro-regime TV presenter, has called on Egyptians working in Qatar to demonstrate in front of the headquarters of Al-Jazeera channel  to protest against the channel’s policy. Mousa said the Egyptians’ protest could also overthrow the Qatari regime.

“I call on Egyptians in Qatar – Of course, I do not mean the Muslim Brotherhood who live there, because we consider them as terrorist as the Qataris themselves, but I mean the ‘honorable Egyptian citizens’ (a term that usually refers to local thugs used by the Egyptian regime to suppress dissidents) – to demonstrate in front of Al-Jazeera premises,” Ahmed Mousa said during his program on Sada Al-Balad pro-regime channel.

Mousa added that “The idea is that if 100,000 to 200,000 Egyptian citizens took to the street in Qatar, this means that Tamim (Emir of Qatar) and the whole Qatari regime would fall down!! I ask you to go to the headquarters of Al-Jazeera channel to express your resentment and objection against its policy and demand them to apologize to all Egyptians.. Only this would be acceptable.. Please, seek your rights.. Again, I address the Egyptians in Qatar to move today and no one would dare to confront you.. I want at least five to ten thousands of you to cordon off Al-Jazeera…” Mousa said.

Selim Azouz responds

Commenting on this clear incitement, Selim Azouz, an Egyptian journalist, said, “Every illness has a cure except stupidity; it stupefies he who tries. In my opinion, Ahmed Mousa is inciting the qatari authorities against Egyptian expatriates, not vice versa. In fact, this reminds me of something that happened in the era of President Anwer Sadat, when he called on Egyptians working in Iraq to take to the streets of Baghdad and demonstrate against Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. Surprising enough, the Egyptians there took to the street but their chants were, ‘Long live Saddam Hussein’.”

“Unfortunately, it seems that Mousa and the security services that support him and incite him to commit such folly, do not realize the consequences of such dangerous ideas. The pro-regime media men are inciting the authorities in Qatar against Egyptian workers there as they portray them as a potential tool for destabilizing Qatar. But I do not imagine that the authorities in Qatar can be dragged by such pro-Sisi media men, who are in fact against the the interest of the Egyptian people. If the Egyptians in Qatar had seen that authorities in Qatar were a tool of repression against them, they would have suspended their work in Doha and left,” Azouz concluded.