Five suicide bombers attack Lebanese soldiers as they raid two Syrian refugee camps

Five suicide bombers attacked Lebanese soldiers as they raided two Syrian refugee camps in the Arsal area at the border with Syria on Friday.

Five suicide bombers blew themselves up during raids on two refugee camps in eastern Lebanon near the border with Syria in which seven soldiers were wounded, the army said.

Four of the suicide bombers struck in one camp near the border town of Arsal, wounding three soldiers. One Syrian refugee girl has been killed, the army confirmed.

Troops recovered four explosive devices during the raid on the Al-Nur camp.

One attacker blew himself up in a second camp near the town Al-Qariya, while another threw a grenade at troops wounding four of them.

The raids, which are aimed at “arresting terrorists and seizing weapons,” are still ongoing, the army command said.

The war, which has raged in Syria since March 2011, has triggered an exodus of hundreds of thousands of refugees into neighbouring Lebanon and has repeatedly spilt over.

The Lebanese army has in recent months stepped up raids in the makeshift camps built on the edge of the town where tens of thousands of impoverished Syrian refugees live in squalid conditions.

There have been multiple clashes along the border between the Lebanese army and the Islamic State group or one time al-Qaeda affiliate Fateh al-Sham Front.

Lebanese group Hizballah has intervened in the war in Syria in support of dictator President Bashar al-Assad after which a number of attacks in Lebanon in recent years have been linked to Syria’s ongoing