Column – The war shifted to the Gulf: The plan is the Mecca wars

İbrahim KaragülBY: İbrahim Karagül*

They are setting the game over our foolishness

Holding out the Iraq invasion until 2003; the northern Iraq and Provide Comfort operations; Turkey being tricked on these matters; the point reached today, the start of the Syrian war and the preparations for the division of this country as well; both the division of Syria and Turkey’s siege through the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK); plans to join the maps of northern Syria and northern Iraq; and the northern Iraq-Mediterranean corridor plans are all parts or stages of one whole project.

Unfortunately, all these applications have been planned over the foolishness of our region. They have been shaped over our lack of insight and our weaknesses. The invasion program aimed at our region was started even before the Cold War was over. Everything they called fighting terrorism, anti-terror centers were part of this invasion. They were its political discourse. The West attempted its second great invasion after World War I, targeted our countries, our cities, and it was doing all of this in the spirit of the Crusades.

Of course, their biggest asset was the enmity toward and the betrayal of the administrations of Muslim countries, regimes, political cadres and intellectual circles in the region. Even if it were not for these, it was their foolishness, their stupidity.

The region’s traitors are promoters of invasion

Because they were hostages, they would make their country’s benefits available and buying power. They had no other choice but to be their slaves and submit to them.

They were the ones determining what was right and wrong. They were the ones choosing friends and foes. They were the ones deciding on the regional power map and who will make alliances with whom. We are following all of these developments from afar.

The moment we raise our voice and say, “They are all deceiving us, they are applying their invasion plans through the ‘traitors of the region.’ They are going to turn all identities into conflict. They are going pit Muslim countries, neighbors against one another – they are doing so, too. Let’s stop this, prevent what is happening,” an attack such as the July 15, 2016 multi-national attack hits our country.

Similarly, as no administration, no political movement, trend or tendency cannot depend on expressions of surprise like, “I didn’t know, I just found out, where on earth did this pop out from,” those who create the public opinion that they have no such scenario or project aiming to wipe out these truths from people’s memories, those who confuse minds, are somehow the local promoters of this big project. They are involved in the betrayal. That’s how you should see them. If we do not see it now, we are going to see the betrayal when the going gets tough, but it will not mean anything then.

PKK is an outside threat, invasion force and works with the Crusaders

It is through these cadres that they suppressed all the countries and communities and took them under control. Once they were ready, they attempted to divide the countries in to city-states and build new states. The West was bringing its puppets to power for the 21st century and later building new garrison statelets.

Communal fury and revolts like the Arab Spring were taken off the track and regimes were supported. In Egypt, multi-national attacks were made on freedoms, dictators were supported. Because had the people won, had they won in the entire region, the colonial order in the Middle East would be history for forever and global-scale power tremors would be experienced.

The invasion was being continued through the likes of Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, through countries like the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – which are involved in every dirty coup and assassination plan. Countries were being pitted against each other, while new fronts were being opened and the atmosphere for the regional war was being prepared.

All terrorist organizations are the leading forces of this multi-national intervention. The PKK-affiliated Syrian Democratic Union Party (PYD), was presented as the biggest betrayal organization in the region’s history, turned into an outside threat, and made one of the most active organizations to divide the region. In this sense, the PKK and Daesh feed on the same source and are controlled by the same mind. In other words, both organizations are the hitmen of the new Crusade invasion.

Humanity’s heart is here, at this axis

This zone spanning the Atlantic coasts and the Pacific Ocean, is the earth’s civilization axis. It is the basin of languages and cultures. It is the region of religions and sects. This is where the earth’s heart beats, where humanity’s forefather, past is. Energy sources and trade corridors are largely found here. Land trade routes and sea passages are mostly found in this zone. This is where the language of objection, the language of revolt emerges, develops and rises against the West’s global hegemony.

Thus, the main war takes place – is taking place, will take place – in this zone. We are the country that is right at the center of this big war, of these crises. As Turkey, we are the sole country capable of keeping outside of ethnic wars, sectarian wars, oil wars and saying something to everybody. The rise of words and power will be through us. Every attack aimed at our region will affect us as much as the attacks targeting our country.

Plan to destroy the region through the Shiite-Sunni war

In this context, Turkey’s attitude concerning the Qatar crisis is an extremely balanced and correct position. Those starting ethnic and sectarian fights through organizations are preparing to regionalize these fights with the Iran-Saudi Arabia war. Turkey is the only country capable of saying “stop” to both fronts and suggest – or even force – what is reasonable.

I wrote on many occasions, “Once the Syria war is over, all the Gulf countries are going to be dragged into the clashes within a matter of one-to-two years.” I also wrote that Iran would attack the Persian Gulf and that even though Saudi Arabia will try to move the war to Iranian territory, Tehran’s eventual aim would be to take over Mecca and hit Saudi Arabia.

The West set the game through sectarian identity and both states, overwhelmed by their ambitions, surrendered to their weaknesses and fell into this trap. We are going to consider these wars as the Shiite-Sunni wars and take sides accordingly, yet by the time we find out it is actually a plan for the destruction plan of the region, it is going to be too late. Unless we come to our senses, we are going to be the ones destroyed, all of us. There will be no Iran left, nor Saudi Arabia. While their plan to destroy every country, including Turkey, is obvious, are we going to remain silent to these developments?

The war shifted to the Gulf, the goal is the Mecca wars

The Qatar crisis might be alleviated. But it has paved the way for one thing: The war has started to shift from Syria to the Persian Gulf. Even though the crisis may be alleviated for the time being, Pandora’s Box has been opened and the signal flare has been set. Now, the crisis will not leave the Gulf. The things that can happen within two years are: Through Iran and Saudi Arabia, they are going to divide the entire region into two enemy fronts. They are going to start endless sectarian wars. This war is going to have the capacity to lead all the way to Mecca wars and the tanks are going to be able to reach the doors of the Kaaba.

The West’s aim is to not only destroy countries, destroy the region, but to make the religion of Islam and sects lose value and turn them into symbols of enmity. I guess this is the biggest plan. The Mecca wars project is the product of such an atrocious plan.

That is of course, if we don’t get back on our feet and ruin this game.

*Ibrahim Karagül is a Turkish writer and journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper.

(Published in Yeni Şafak Turkish newspaper on June 13, 2017)