Morocco’s USFP secretary general ‘Lachgar’ links country’s protests to Arab Spring

Morocco’s Secretary General of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces (USFP), Driss Lachgar, has stated that the protests in the country’s Rif region are the remnants of the “Arab Spring.”

The statement of Driss Lachgar came during a speech he delivered on May 20 at the 10th National Congress of his party, USFP. He said that the “current phase requires vigilance through listening to the sufferings of the citizens and not neglecting their economic and social aspirations.”

Lachgar drew a direct connection between the state of popular protests in the northern Rif area of Morocco to the “Arab Spring,” and pointed out that “Morocco has gone through the difficult stage by adopting a constitutional formula that protects Democratic transition.”

The Secretary-General of the USFP discussed his party’s position in the coalition government and said the relationship must be characterized by “respected and positive interaction.”

He then pointed out that his party aligns itself with the alleviation of the difficult economic and social conditions of citizens, noting that this puts his party at the “heart of reforms and not on the margins.”

Lachgar also stated that the government should be “more ambitious” by “breaking into fields” that are considered difficult. He contended that Morocco should free itself from the “obsession of accountability.”

In this context, the USFP leader criticized the previous government for expanding the horizons of “social decline for Moroccans” before wondering: “Can another policy be adopted to consolidate comprehensive development?”