Column: Are there those in the US forcing God to Doomsday?

Yasin AktayBY: Yasin Aktay*

We are going through days in which the U.S. has increased the support it has been giving to the Democratic Union Party (PYD), a terrorist organization, to fight Daesh, another terrorist organization in Syria, to the point of providing them with heavier weapons. These days are actually a time that requires us to look once more and very carefully at the history of the crisis in Syria and the entire map and traffic of alliances.

Previously, the U.S. was the first power that wanted the regime in Syria, which it considers to be within the axis of evil, to change and Bashar Assad to be ousted. In time, as everyone became focused on the regime and got into an unfixable and irreversible fight with the regime, it suddenly changed its route from demanding a regime change to the objective of fighting Daesh. The U.S., which has almost taken the regime under its protection with this action, was expected to dwell on the possibility that Daesh could be a distraction that is directly supported by the Assad regime and released under its supervision and control. The simplest political mind would have expected it to dwell on this possibility. Yet, it has become a little clearer these days that as much as Syria has a share in the creation of Daesh, it is also in accord with the U.S.’s own plans.

The U.S., which considers itself to have the right to implement any plan it wants in Syria, claiming that it sees Daesh as a threat to itself from 5,000 miles away, is dragging the future of the region’s people into a complete disaster with all the methods and plans it is implementing. Just as its intervention in Iraq in the past has dragged Iraq into an environment of maximum insecurity today, made it impossible for people to coexist, brought the country to the verge of being torn into pieces, the U.S.’s interventions in Syria are likely to lead to the same results. The savior role it assumed, supposedly to take democracy to the region and save the people from a dictator as a favor to the region’s people, dragged the U.S. into a complete disaster. The U.S. is now doing the same thing in Syria. Yet, with the responsibility of the power it possesses, Assad, who uses chemical weapons to carry out wholesale massacres against his own people, is the one it should have intervened in. The U.S. persistently avoided this responsibility; it made all sorts of excuses to avoid directly intervening in Assad, but the things it did further deepened the problem.

Just as keeping silent against Assad and supporting another terrorist organization in the name of fighting Daesh will not solve an internal problem in Syria, it is nothing other than a step that will lead to the division of Syria and make it impossible for people to ever live together.

At the point we have reached, just as no plan implemented in the region has contributed in the least to peace in the region, every step and action it has taken has led to nothing but the further endangerment of the region’s security and increasing of the deaths of civilians and innocent people.

The U.S. is not solving the problem of terrorism with its fight against Daesh, it is simply taking the position of being the bearer of terrorism from one organization and giving it to another. It should be asked why it is doing this. Which problem is it solving in doing this? Is it preventing the bloodshed of children and civilians in Syria? No. Is it eradicating terrorism? No. Is it striking a killer blow on Daesh? No.

Turkey’s relations with Russia and the region’s countries, with Syria and Iraq, are entirely adjusted to invest in calm, trade and peace. That is why it attaches importance to the integrity of these countries. Syria’s territorial integrity, Iraq’s territorial integrity are Turkey’s greatest sensitivity concerning these countries. Opposing the U.S.’s support to the PYD is not opposition to Kurds, but because such an investment would lead to an untreatable injury to the brotherhood, unity and integrity of Syrians. The PYD being supported this way against Daesh is a step that completely eliminates the conditions for Syrian people to live together.

Objecting to a terror corridor in Syria is not standing against Kurds, but only standing against the dangerous strengthening of an organization that clearly has connections to terror. Today, neither is Daesh a physical threat to the U.S., nor will the likely threats arising from the PYD’s becoming stronger extend to the U.S. Yet, all these organizations that pose no threat to the U.S. are first-degree threats to Turkey. The U.S. providing this support to a terrorist organization that is an imminent threat to Turkey, its ally both in the region and due to NATO, makes it lose all plausibility and reliability. From this moment onward, the U.S. cannot make anybody believe that it is really against terrorism and in favor of democracy and human rights.

Through this action, which clearly will not lead to any result other than disaster in Syria, the U.S. appears to be physically warring against Turkey. Making such an open attack against Turkey through Syria, the results of this attack would target the entire Muslim world and hence, the perception that the U.S. is aggressive and has enmity toward the entire Muslim world spreading fast will become unavoidable.

The U.S. attempting such an adventure in the Middle East, without a doubt, will lead to many different outcomes in all aspects. There is no doubt that these outcomes include heavy costs for everyone, but first and foremost for the U.S. Control in the U.S. has almost been taken over by lobbies forcing God to Doomsday. They think this will bring a problem-free world sovereignty for the U.S., but they are terribly mistaken.

May God protect us all.

*Yasin Aktay is the vice chair of the ruling Justice and Development (AK Party) in Turkey.

(Published in Yeni Şafak Turkısh newspaper on May 13,  2017)